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Bronze spiral goddess candleholder

Bronze Spiral Goddess Candleholder 20.3 cm




Worship the cycles of the moon with this spiral goddess candleholder. Starting from the base rises the faceless goddess holding the triple moon. Inside the triple moon is where the candle sits. The goddess represents femininity and female power. And above her head, the tipple moon for holding your favourite candle. Made using top quality resin, with a bronze finish, it’s an attractive piece for your home. Stay grounded to the cycles of the earth and cosmos!

Embrace the Divine Feminine

Elevate your spiritual space and honour the sacred cycles of the moon with our exquisite Goddess Candleholder. This captivating piece pays homage to the divine feminine and celebrates the power of women. As you light your favourite candle within the triple moon, you’ll feel a deep connection to the ever-turning wheel of the cosmos.

A goddess’s grace

At the heart of this candleholder stands a faceless goddess, her form a symbol of grace and strength. She cradles the triple moon in her embrace, embodying the essence of femininity and female empowerment. Above her head, a beautiful triple moon symbol is the perfect platform for holding your cherished candle.

Crafted with excellence

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this Spiral God Candleholder is made from top-quality Polyresin. The bronze finish lends an air of antiquity and timeless beauty to this unique piece. The elegant design is exclusive to our collection, making it a rare find for your home decor.

Stay aligned with nature’s rhythms

This candleholder measures an impressive 20 cm in height. It’s a statement piece you can place in your meditation space, on your altar, or as a centrepiece on your dining table. As you light your candle within the triple moon, it’ll remind you to stay grounded in the cycles of the earth and the cosmic forces that shape our world.



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