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Broomstick Wiccan Pentagram Wall Plaque

Broomstick Wiccan Pentagram Wall Plaque



This product is the stunning five witches broomstick hanging wall decoration.  The broomsticks are laid out to form a pentagram, and they’re ideal for hanging in your altar or ritual room, ready for your next spell or ritual. Embrace your witch side with this funky wall-hanging pentagram. Its design to look like the pentagram is made from witch’s broomsticks and looks very impressive. It’s made from high-quality resin and has been hand-painted. So, each product may look slightly different. It’s an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one.

A pentagram of broomstick magic

Transform your sacred space into a haven of mystical energy with the captivating wall plaque. This enchanting wall decoration is a testament to your connection with the craft. And it’s the perfect addition to your altar or ritual room. Whether you’re a seasoned witch or a budding practitioner, this pentagram plaque will infuse your surroundings with magical charm.

The heart of this particular piece is its unique design, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Crafted to resemble a pentagram intricately woven from witch’s broomsticks, it exudes an aura of enchantment and mystery. Each broomstick is arranged to form the sacred pentagram, a symbol revered in Wiccan and pagan traditions. This plaque is both a work of art and a powerful magical tool.

Crafted with excellence

This wall plaque is crafted with precision and care and comes in the finest quality resin. The attention to detail is apparent in every brushstroke of its hand-painted finish. As a result, each plaque carries a distinct character, ensuring that you possess a truly one-of-a-kind piece of artistry. It’s not merely a decoration; it’s a statement of your reverence for the craft.

Embrace the ease of adorning your sacred area with the built-in hook on the back of the plaque. Hanging it up is a breeze, allowing you to instantly elevate the ambience of your altar or ritual room. Let the pentagram of broomstick magic become a focal point. And it will radiate its mystical energy throughout your sacred space.

A thoughtful gift for kindred spirits

Are you seeking a meaningful gift for a fellow witch, pagan, or spiritual seeker? Look no further. The “Broomstick Wiccan Pentagram Wall Plaque” is a thoughtful gesture that speaks to their spiritual journey. Whether they hang it on their altar, bedroom, or living space, this plaque reminds them of your shared connection to the craft.

This product is part of the Nemesis Now collection, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and style. The broomstick Wiccan pentagram wall plaque is a testament to their build quality. Spruce your spiritual practice and surroundings with this exquisite wall decoration that encapsulates the very essence of the craft.


  • Unique design you will not find elsewhere
  • Made using the best quality resin
  • Carefully hand-painted
  • Hook on the back for hanging up


  • Manufacturer: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 0.16 kg
  • Size: 19 cm
  • SKU: B1866F6
  • Barcode: 801269103071

Embrace the mystical and adorn your space with the broomstick-themed pentagram wall plaque. It symbolises your devotion to the captivating world of Wicca and paganism. Make this enchanting artistry a part of your spiritual journey, or share it with someone whose heart beats with the rhythm of the craft. Let the magic of the pentagram of broomstick energy guide you.

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