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Carved wood Buddha ornament

Carved Wood Buddha Ornament




This carved wood Buddha ornament has been hand-carved from Albasia Wood. The Buddha ornament has in-depth detail with gold metal highlights for a unique and rustic effect. It’s a heavy-duty decoration, which is built to last.

A Symbol of Peace and Enlightenment

This exquisite Carved Wooden Buddha Ornament is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It’s designed to bring peace and serenity into any space. Carefully hand-carved from Albasia Wood, this ornament captures the essence of Buddhist art and philosophy. The Buddha, a symbol of spiritual awakening, is portrayed in intricate detail. It makes this piece not just an ornament but a representation of inner peace.

Hand-Crafted Excellence

The Buddha ornament showcases the intricate skill of its artisans. Each detail is carefully hand-carved, ensuring that every crease of the Buddha’s robes and every feature of his peaceful expression is captured precisely. The gold metal highlights add a unique, rustic effect, contrasting beautifully with the natural wood. This blend of materials creates a stunning visual impact, making the ornament a focal point in any room.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Constructed from Albasia Wood, it is known for its lightweight yet sturdy nature. This Buddha ornament is designed to stand the test of time. Its heavy-duty build ensures durability, allowing it to grace your home or office for years. The ornament’s weight ensures solid construction, while its dimensions make it a substantial and noticeable addition to any space.

For the Spiritual and Mindful

The Buddha is an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates art, spirituality, or meditation. It’s a thoughtful present for birthdays, house-warming, or as a gesture of peace and goodwill. Its universal appeal makes it suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings. And it resonates with those who seek a life of mindfulness and inner peace.


  • Material: Wood
  • Product weight: 1200 g
  • Packaged weight: 1230 g
  • Product size: 40 cm x 21.5 cm x 9 cm
  • Packaged size: 40 cm x 21.5 cm x 9 cm



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