EDI Meter

Welcome to the next level of Ghost Hunting, this is where is gets serious. The EDI Meter is more than just an EMF Meter! It's an all-in-one Environmental Detection Instrument that’s logs the data and displays it as graphs. Us this throughout the entire duration of your paranormal investigation. You may notice that at the times you encountered paranormal activity the graphs from the meter will show spikes. You can add this into your video to further back up your evidence. You may see spikes in temperature, emf, vibration, air pressure and humidity. What does it perform? This is the best EDI+ Meter Information Logger on the market.

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What does the EDI+ do?

The EDI+ Meter displays and also logs the EMF, Temperature Level, Humidity, Vibration and Air Pressure of your surroundings. This unit is comprised of 5 different innovations for environmental discovery, and also graphing information logging. The EDI+ Meter is greater than just an EMF Meter.

It is an all-in-one device for ghost searching as well as paranormal investigation. It is developed for paranormal investigators who desire precision detection as well as information which can be completely assessed through its graphs and also spreadsheet logs. It will show exact time of events such as EMF spikes etc.

This is among the most feature-packed ghost searching device, and also it includes a variety of new improvements which use the most up to date modern technology in ghost hunting.

Just how does the EDI Meter Information Logger function?

It is commonly acknowledged within the ghost hunting area that ghosts have the capability to adjust our environment. This includes any modifications in; EMF, temperature level, motion, air pressure as even more.

To get the most insightful proof from a paranormal investigation, it is important for paranormal detectives to discover any type of changes in the environment with exact precision to make sure that they have the ability to review the outcomes with accuracy and context.

This EDI Meter was developed to make sure accuracy, integrity of the info as well as giving investigators prompt access to the data in order to review it immediately.