EMF Bear / Rem Pod Bear

Our EMF Bear, Rem Pod Bear and Touch Activated bears have proven to be affective when trying to communicate with spirit children. Spirit children still like to play and are attracted to cute and fun looking toys. They are more likely to approach and touch a Rem Pod Bear than a strange looking piece of equipment. We have tested the EMF Bear on many paranormal investigations with success. Our bears have been triggered multiple times on demand showing intelligence. The Rem Pod Bear is quite affordable, and works very well. It triggers if anything breaks the magnetic field it creates.

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Which is the best one to choose?

Typically there isn't a best one, they all have different sensors and are triggered by different things. Such as EMF, touch, static electricity and temperature changes. Our white touch activated model is our most popular and best selling. Mainly because of its extreme sensitivity, and how easy it is for spirits to trigger.

Some of the other sensors like the pink and blue models with the static detectors are harder for the spirits to trigger. But if they do trigger you can be much more certain it was set off by something paranormal. Another thing you may want to consider, is if it has sound or not. Some of them are silent, and some have sound.

Which trigger object should I choose?

We always recommend having a variety of ghost hunting equipment. For best results you would ideally need something that detects EMF, something that detects static, and something that detects touch. If you have a K2 meter for example, that detects EMF. But you don't have anything that detects static, I would be looking at one of the static bears, such as the Blue or Pink ones.

Different spirits and ghosts find it easier to trigger different types of sensors. Some may find it easy to set off the EMF sensor, and some may find it easier to trigger the static sensor. This is why we always recommending having one of each of the sensor types. So you have a much higher chance of the spirits being able to find a device they can interact with.