EMF Pump

The EMF Pump is also known as the EM pump, electromagnetic pumps and field pumps. Paranormal investigators often use them on while ghost hunting. Ghosts are thought to be made up of electrical energy, sprits need energy to create do things and communicate. This is why paranormal activity is usually stronger at haunted locations near power lines, as they have more energy. Spirits can only hold a small amount of energy, once this is used the activity will stop. By using an EMF pump, you can give them a power source to feed from and they can give you much more paranormal activity.

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Will it increase paranormal activity?

It has the potential too, but it isn't guaranteed. If there are no ghosts present, you will not get any activity at all, even with the pump. If there are spirits there but they don't wish to communicate the pump will not help.

If there are ghosts there, and they do wish to communicate, and they use the energy from the device you will get more paranormal activity and responses.

Can you test if the EM Pumps working?

You can test if the device is working by using an EMF Meter, which will detect EMF the unit is giving off. The light on the top will indicate it is turned on, and if you listen closely, you should be able to hear the motor turning.

Why does it work so well?

The magnetic pump works because spirits have no physical mass. They are made up of electrical energy. Because they have no physical mass not much energy can be stored by them. They can appear for a second, or reply to a few questions on the spirit box or EVP. And then their energy is spend.

They then need to find a source of electricity to recharge to be able to do something further. The pump gives them a constant and steady stream of energy. Which they can use in real time to respond with. This is why many people report to get more activity and more evidence when one of these devices are used.