Full Spectrum Camera

Shop for Full Spectrum Cameras for Ghost Hunting and paranormal investigating. If you really want to catch a ghost on photo or video you really do need a full spectrum camera. The human eyes and standard cameras can only see a small portion of the light spectrum. Ghosts are thought to often appear in the Infrared and Ultraviolet light spectrums which only a Full Spectrum Camera can see. So using a Full Spectrum Camera will dramatically improve your chances of catching a ghost on photo and video. We stock full spectrum mobile phones too so you can livestream using full spectrum.

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Why do you catch much more on a Full Spectrum Camera?

The human eye can only see a small portion of the light spectrum. Humans can't see infrared or the ultraviolet range. And the majority of the ghost apparitions appear in one of these two spectrums.

A standard camera can see the same as people can. Because they have filters blocking UV and IR. In order to see the entire light spectrum, you will need a modified camera which has the filters removed. And you will need a full spectrum light to accompany it. Using this you will catch so much more visual evidence.

Why does full spectrum have a purple tint or hue?

This is due to the camera being able to see ultraviolet. This is the primary spectrum given off by the sun, which gives us a sun tan. It's a very strong and overpowering form of light, which does have a purple looking colour when captured by a FS camera.

Humans can't see this spectrum of light with the naked eye. But if it was possible, everything would have a purple tint during the day time when the sun is out. If you want to film in FS, there is no avoiding this unfortunately.

We was shocked when first using full spectrum, as to so much more you can catch. We have captured mists which have been moving and changing shape on many occasions. Often indoors in haunted locations with no rational explanation.