Ghost Detector to help you locate spirits

How does a Ghost Detector work? There are many different types of ghost detectors available, all of which detect environmental changes. They can detect many things such as. Changes in electromagnetic fields, motion, electronic voice phenomena, vibration, humidity changes, air pressure changes and more. So, the question is not a simple one to answer. The simplest type would be the EMF meter, which detects changes in electro magnetic fields. As spirits are made up of electrical energy, the EMF meter can pick if their presence if they get close. Things like the voice recorder can help you communicate with spirits.

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New Ghost Detector products

We make some of our own paranormal equipment, such as the rem pod bears. Many people love them and get great results. Many people and spirits like them as they look like cute and cuddly toys. They have a built in static electricity detector which sets of the lights and alarm once it detects any ghosts.

Can a Ghost Detector be triggered by people?

It depends on what version of sensor is in the device. If its static based it will trigger when a person gets too close to it, as people do give off a little bit of static electricity.

As we said it will only trigger if you get to close to it, just bear that in mind whilst carrying out your investigation. You may want to play with your gadgets before actually using it for real, just so you get the hang of how it works.

Do they only work in a haunted location?

The Ghost Detector will only work if there is a spirit around you, if the place you are in isn't haunted, you will not see or pick anything up. Going to a scary abandoned house is always recommended, just be careful whilst you do so.

Creepy haunted house

Catching Paranormal Activity with our equipment

They are specifically designed to find ghosts and spirits, they can pickup the things around us that we cannot see.

How to find our touch activated and rempod bears

If you want a bear just use the search bar at the top of the page, and type in bear. It will help you get the evidence you need. Its best to use them in a place you know is eerie.

The popular K2 Meter

The K2 meter is a new device which is used time and time by paranormal investigators looking for spirits. The bright lights light up when it detects something around it.

It requires little effort to use that is why so many people want one. They have amazing reviews and will help you catch the evidence you are looking for.

EDI+ the Data Logger

The EDI+ is a unique tool, its literally one of the best on the market. It measures environmental information in real time, and the data is logged so you can refer back to it after your investigation is over.

This detector logs vibrations, EMF, temperature changes, humidity and air pressure. You can see the details and information on screen, and the data is logged so you can download it after to refer back to.

The Ovilus is a word bank detector

Which ghosts and spirits are able to pick words from to answer your questions. The app is ads free and is available for download now!

K2 Meter Ghost Detector

Do Phone Apps Actually Work?

There are literally hundreds of apps available to download in the Google and Apple store for spirit hunting. Some of them are real and some of them are just there for the developer to make money. Before you download any I would recommend you read the reviews first.

DeadBox app now available

Our new app is called DeadBox, its available on the Android and Apple store (all rights reserved). You may be surprised at the accuracy of the app. It's packed with creepy content and is based on the Ovilus device.

Do you want a phone app?

We have our own app called DeadBox, you can find it in the Android and IOS store. It's not free but its 100% real and scary. There are no in app purchases and its ad free. To use it to communicate with ghosts you should really visit a creepy location.

Are there any free apps to download?

There are many real price free apps available to download on Android and IOS. Some of them have image ads and some are ad free. Always check the app review section for downloading anything to your phone.

We recommend the Paratek app if you have not used it before. You can download it for free, its has amazing ratings and it good for communication. Another one you may like is Radar, which is quite good too.

Paratek Ghost Detector App

Which is the best Android and IOS app?

We recommend our app which is called DeadBox, it's not free but it's real and its works. Its available to download on Android and IOS. It's ads free, and once you have purchased you can download it on as many devices as you like.

DeadBox allows us to talk to the other side!

We have just released our latest version of DeadBox, its based on the Ovilus and contains a word back which the ghosts are able to pick words from. Its not available to download on Windows yet but we are working on it.

Have any questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us, we are always happy to help. If there is something we have missed give us a call and let us know! Don't forget to check out our terms of service. Especially for international orders.

Always check product reviews

We know how important a good detector is and recommend you take a look. Before buying always check the product review, and if your still not sure feel free to ask us, we are always here to help.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

If so we are glad to hear it, we do too and have dedicated our lives to helping prove in the existence of them. And want to help other do the same. If not we hope you try out some of our equipment and see if we can change your mind.

Let your paranormal equipment find the Ghosts for you

Your equipment is there to help you, we recommend you use it throughout your entire investigation even if your doing other things like asking the spirits to make a sound. EMF detectors for example are like a little spirit radar and can alert you in real time.