Ghost Hunting Apps for phones and tablets, hunt on the go!

Looking for a Ghost Hunting App? Ghost hunting apps are becoming very popular within the paranormal community. Due to this, many more developers are popping up with amazing ideas, such as the paranormal activity ghost radar game. You don’t just have paranormal equipment and a camcorder at your disposal these days you have an interesting family of phone apps to use! From the detector, radar, to many more tools to detect ghosts and spirits in your haunted house or location. The DeadBox, created by us. DeadBox is the latest one from SpiritShack, its available to download for Android on the Google Play Store, and for iPhone on the Apple App Store.

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Do The Phone Applications Really Work?

There are hundreds of ghost detector and ghost radar types available to download. Some of them don't cost anything and some are paid. Some of them do actually work, but many of them are just scary, creepy and are fun to play. Check back on our developer pages on Google and Apple we have many more to come.

EMF Detectors Apps

All of them that claim to detect EMF don't actually work, as they are designed for your phone, and your phone doesn't have a build in electromagnetic field detector. What you see on screen will just be a random image and not actually real readings.

Spirit Box for your phone

The classic spirit box style which scans through radio stations will work, as spirits can use the white noise to respond. This type of application with help you get better responses and stuff.

EVP Recorder Apps

Electronic voice recording tools will work as well, as they just use your phones microphone. And microphones are able to pick up the responses from ghosts. Which is also known as electronic voice phenomena.

EMF Detector Ghost Hunting App

Which Applications Do We Recommend?

The best one we recommend is DeadBox, some of our favourites from other developers are Necrophonic, Deadwave and the Paratek.

DeadBox, Created by SpiritShack

DeadBox is the latest one from SpiritShack, its available to download for Android on the Google Store, and for iPhone on the Apple Store. If you have something supernatural happening in your home at night, or just want a fun game to play, you can download it on your phone.

Word Bank Apps

Classic word bank style similar to the Ovilus detector will work as well. If you are getting paranormal activity in a haunted location that’s the best time to try out your apps.

Detector and Radar Alternatives

There are many alternatives to it you can use the search feature in Google Play or the Apple Store and use the search. Many scary paranormal apps will come up. It's important to look at the reviews, they will give you some behind the signs insight before using them.

It's important to note many of these are just for entertainment purposes. Check the description and stuff to find out if its just for entertainment or of it is actually designed to communicate with a spirit.

Top 10 Ghost Apps

  1. Deadbox
  2. Paratek
  3. Necrophonic
  4. Deadwave
  5. GhostTube SLS Camera
  6. The Portal
  7. Spirit Board Simulator
  8. EVP Recorder - Spotted: Ghosts
  9. SGK1
  10. SGK2

Looking For A Scary And Spooky App?

The Ouija Board one will scare the life out of you. Ages ago when I first used it at home in my living room, bands and knocks started happening around me whilst using it. I could not turn the app off quick enough!

Can a Ghost App cause Paranormal Activity?

They certainly can, if you download an app, and start asking for ghosts and spirits to communicate with you through it, you are inviting them to come to use.

This is similar to using a Ouija board, its the action of attempting to communicate with the other side that actually invites them.

What is the best free one?

The best free one I can recall is the Paratek, it has a built in word bank of pre programmed words. The words are then randomly picked out, they are displayed on screen and are spoken out loud. It's believed the ghosts are able to override it to pick them to communicate. Happy hunting!

What is the best paid app?

It's definitely our DeadBox, we have worked tirelessly on the application testing and trialling it for over a year. It actually works really well and its becoming very popular in the paranormal community.

Scary Ghost Hunting Apps

Tips And Tricks

We recommend you use your applications in known haunted locations. If the place isn't haunted, your not likely to get and responses even if it works.

When to use them

Paranormal hunt at night, the best hours are 10pm to 4am. It will make the experience more enjoyable because its dark and the atmosphere is creepier, and the spirits are more likely to be active at that time.

Check for updates

Don't forget to check for updates, developers are always releasing a new version.

Playing before bed

Playing scary games and paranormal apps before bed can keep you up at night at first. You will get used to it though and will need to if you want success.Playing late at night when its dark outside is when the spectres and ghouls come out to play.

We have tested this theory many times. During the darkness you’re much more likely to get accurate and relevant responses, try it yourself in the day and at night and compare the results.

Don't play scary games before going to sleep

Have Any Ideas For A New App?

SpiritShack are now a developer of paranormal apps, we have a few live on Google and Apple and have many more in progress.

If you have any ideas for a new type or style give us a call or send us and email and we will try to look into this for you.

The paranormal community do need to work together if we are to prove spirits are real to the masses. We have been working very hard to do so for quite some time now.

Let us know what your favourite one is

We love playing with them, if you have found a genuine one that works send us an email and let us know, our team will be more than happy to try it out.