Laser Grid Pen

Laser grid pen: There are many times of laser grids and laser pens for ghost hunting. The most common is the one that displays hundreds of dots, and there are now ones that display grids. Easily see spirits and general visual disturbances during a paranormal investigation. There are many different coloured laser grid pens available. Red and green tend to be the most visible and effective when ghost hunting. Laser Grid Matrix Pen Projectors have grown in popularity recently due to them being very effective in catching paranormal evidence. If you see lights go out or distort you know something is affecting it.

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Which is the best colour to use?

Mainly its personal preference on whether you prefer green or red. One important thing to note is that the green is brighter, that is because the light spectrum is more in the visible range. A large section of the red's range is invisible to the human eye.

This allows you to use the green on in the day time as well as the night. It's must be dark or near dark to be able to see the red.

Do they work for ghost hunting?

They definitely work for ghost hunting purposes. We have caught many apparitions move in front of them over the years, some of which is completely undeniable.

Like all paranormal evidence, you can't guarantee to get any. You might go months without getting much, and then you catch amazing things three times in a row. The important thing is they do work when the spirits present themselves.

A new way to investigate!

As fellow paranormal investigators too, we test out and use the equipment we sell. We have caught countless EVP’s and responses on the Spirit Box. What is rare is to see an apparition on video. The SLS Camera and Full Spectrum camera re good for this. But we never caught anything using a standard video camera.

Until we started using the laser pens. We was in a haunted underground facility which was pitch black. And the only lighting we has from 2 laser grids we had set up. As I was stood facing and filming the team. Behind them where the laser grid was pointing I saw a black shadow move behind them in front of the lasers dots.

This was caught on camera as well as being seen by myself. This is the first time we caught a shadow figure with a standard camera, and have since caught another in the same way. They really do work and are worth adding to your selection of paranormal equipment.