We offer a wide range of lighting to suit all of your needs. If you’re filming your paranormal investigations, it's important have the right lighting, you don't want too much light as you will not see colour. Not enough light and it will be too dark. If you’re filming in Ultra Violet or Infrared it would be ideal using UV or IR lighting. With everything from phone rig lights, mains powered and battery powered lights we have you covered. We want to help you catch the paranormal evidence you’re looking for and want to help you make those picture-perfect videos.

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Which lights do I need?

It depends what type of camera and filming style you wish to you. If you want to film in night vision you need IR, if you want to film in ultraviolet you need UV lights. If you want to record in full spectrum, you need a FS model which outputs all the visible spectrum, and infrared and ultraviolet.

If you just want to take standard footage and photos you just need the standard white LED. Some models are camera mountable; some are fixed fittings which you can plug into a lamp, and we have torches. Regardless of your requirements, we are sure to have something that fits your needs. If you would like any advise on which one to get, your welcome to send us an email or give us a call.

What does the red light do?

The red light is just to add a chilling and creepy vibe to your videos. You can use it with a standard camera and don't need anything special. We have had many good reviews about it, and its certainly worth checking out of you have not used one before. The deep red light gives a very eerie feel, if your doing any witchcraft or summoning its ideal and will work well.

Which is the best light for ghost hunting?

Without a shadow of a doubt, currently its the Phasm. Because it is so flexible, and can output just about any light spectrum. You can use it as a standard video camera light. You can switch it to Night vision, ultraviolet, full spectrum. And all the colours in-between such as red, blue, green, yellow etc.

All of the controls are on the back of the light, giving you easy access to them. It's rechargable, and you can adjust the brightness. Making this extremely flexibly, it will work in any situation. It comes with magnets on every side, so you can mount or stick it to just about anything metal. And there is a 1/4" standard camera through on the bottom, which will allow you to mount it directly onto most cameras.

Which light will allow you to catch the most evidence?

As humans, we can only see a small portion of the light spectrum. We can't see infrared or ultraviolet light. Many ghosts do appear in those light spectrums. So if you want to catch them on photos or film, you would need IR or UV lights and a camera. The best option would be to use a full spectrum light, with a full spectrum camera.

This will allow you to record ALL forms of light. And if anything supernatural does appear, you are sure to catch it in the moment. Which is something you could miss whilst using a standard camera and light. Full spectrum is will arguable give you the most evidence compared to all other lights forms. There is a purple tint to the videos, but its definitely worth it when you catch that class a piece of evidence.