External microphones for your EVP recorder, phone or video recorder. They will give you a much better, and clearer sound. Many of the built-in microphones in EVP recorders, mobile phones and camcorders are very low quality. And your voice and EVP quality will suffer. You can improve this by plugging in a high-quality external microphone. Which will give you will much more and clearer spirit voices, and general sound recording quality. You will also notice that if it's windy or there’s background noise your audio will be ruined. Most of the external microphones we offer have a microphone muffler. To reduce wind and background noise.

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Vibrational Microphones

We now stock vibrational microphones. For listening too and recording sound in a different way. It’s a much more sensitive microphone that you find in your typical EVP recorder.

They are designed for spying (listening in to conversations through walls). It pick up very minute vibrations, it then amplifies it and turns it into sound.

They are many EVP's that are picked up which are that quiet you can't make them out. With one of these it will be picked up much louder and clearer.

Reducing Windows Noise

Our condenser microphones are amazing for cutting out wind noise. You can hear voices and general sounds perfectly well. But wind it kept away using the condenser.

This allows you to make videos with crystal clear sound outdoors, even in bad weather.

Great for the Go Pro camera!

We love the Go Pro, it’s a great little camera with some amazing features. High definition and it's small and compact. The only down side, we have found. Is wind noise, especially if its windy and you are outside.

This is where the wind reducing microphone comes in very handy. You can mount it to your Go Pro, plug it in. And no wind noise! It makes your audio quality so much better outdoors. As it was a real issue for us in the past.