Ouija Board: The creepy game you should never play alone!

What is a Ouija Board? The Ouija is a board game which is designed to be able to communicate with spirits and ghosts. It has the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, “yes”, “no” and “good bye” written on it. It’s designed for one or more players who each place a finger or two on the Planchette (pointing device). You then take it in turns asking the other side for questions and wait for them to respond by moving the planchette. It’s not advised children play the game, its also not advised adults play the game alone to be safe.

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How To Use It

One the players are ready and are sat around it, each of you need to place a finger or two on the planchette. Take it in turns asking the dead and spirits questions. Leave plenty of time for the spirits to reply, the movement or movements of the planchette may be very slight at first. Try not to press your fingers down to hard, or it may stop the spirits being able to control it and respond to your answers.

What questions should I ask the Talking Board?

It is the dead and spirits you are talking too, bear in mind they may not be from our time. They could have been living in the 19th century, and could have even fought in the civil war. They may know some amazing history and could have a great story to tell. Asking them about watching TV if they are from the early 19th century is not a good idea. Maybe ask some simple things to start with, are you male or female, which year did you pass away in? How old are you? Once you establish the basic more questions will likely flow.

Do Talking Boards really work?

Yes, talking boards do really work. They are far from being a toy. And you should not use one unless you have done your research, know the rules, and protect yourself as much as possible.

What to do if the Planchette moves on its own?

Its a strange and rare phenomenon but it has been known for the planchette to move on its own whilst nobody is touching it. In this scenario something very strong, dark and negative energy is there, and it's advised you close down the board immediately.

How to use a ouija board

How much are Ouija Boards?

They typically start at around £15.00 (in the United Kingdom) and go upwards from there, you can pay much more for a table sized one or a fancy ones made of glass.

Where to buy one

You have come to the right business, you can buy them from this site. We have many for sale and ship worldwide.

Is the Ouija Board a game?

The Ouija is technically a game, which allows to to communicate with spirits and the dead. It's not designed or intended for children. And can be dangerous if you don't understand what you are doing. Its a mysterious tool and can help you search for answers from the other side.

Do you need to be a spiritualist for it to work?

Not at all, many spiritualists do use them along with mediums. You don't need to believe in anything to get messages from the spirits. You just need to be patient and give them time to take control of the planchette. Don't press to hard or you may stop the movement and their control of it. They may show a another sign they are there, such as the temperature dropping or hearing strange noises.

What is a talking board?

It's just another term for a ouija. It's designed for spiritualists to communicate with the spirit world.

How to play the game

All you need to do is place the planchete on, and all of the players need to place a finger or two on it. Then take it in turns asking questions, and leave a little time for them to respond and move the planchette. Always remember to be polite while talking to spirits, once upon a time they were living people.

And they still have free will, opinions and feelings. If you upset or offend them they are less likely to want to communicate with you. The most important thing is to enjoy it and have fun. They are designed to be a game, and playing the game should be an enjoyable experience. It can be scary at times and can turn you into a fuld if its your first time, but many people enjoy the thrill.

Is using a Ouija Board like you see in film?

Using a Ouija is nothing like you see in film. In film Ouija Boards are over exaggerated as its good for the business and company profits. People don't get thrown around in the air. You can invite a negative spirit or demon into your home though. And they will wreak havoc on your mental health and your life. You have to go through a mental and spiritual war to get rid of them.

Is the game addictive?

It is believed a person or participants can become addicted to using a Ouija. Especially if you have lost a loved one and you believe you are in contact with them through the device. It's the talking to your loved one that becomes addictive. This is a common effect, what you need to remember is spirits can lie, and it might not be your relative you are in contact or sending messages too.

Who invented the board-game?

Elijah Bond filed a patent for the Ouija Board on the 28th of May 1890. Earlier methods of spirit communication like automatic writing were used in China around 1100 AD. Since its invention the popularity of it has soared, millions have sold, and a lot of money has been made. In 1901 William Fuld took over the production. He had Charles Kennard, owner of Kennard Novelty Company carry out his manufacturing.

The ouija board rules

How to make one yourself

You can make your own talking boards by writing the alphabet, numbers 0-9, "yes", "no" and "good bye" on the floor, a piece of paper or a table. A coin or a glass can be used as the planchette. You can make this for free, any its handy if you have forgotten to take it out with you.

How to make your own planchette

You can just use a 50 pence piece, or a small glass. If you want to make something fancy you can design one on a computer and print it using a 3D printer. You can look at Google images for inspiration and ideas. There are many people who have hand carved planchettes and even ouija boards out of wood. Some of the hand crafted ones look outstanding.

Does it really work?

Talking boards really work, when the dead have been called upon they do like to come in and give answers to your questions. It's a mysterious phenomenon when you actually see it happen, and you usually get tingles down your arms. They have grown massively in popularity recently, and its fun to play with a group of friends. It's handy to have some EMF devices around as well as there are usually large EMF spikes whilst playing with Ouija Boards. Look out for very small movements of the planchette at first, once the spirits gain a little more energy the movements should increase and you will see letters being picked out. Hopefully you will find the answers you are looking for.

Why will it not work for me?

If you are new to using the board, its a common question. The spirits are mysterious and they don't work on our time or our commands. You may need to have a good few attempts at using it before dead and spirit will come forward.

Try letting different participants ask questions, leave plenty of time between asking questions, and don't press too hard on the planchette you may stop the movement of the tool. If you are really struggling you could ask spiritualists or mediums to join you, as they may have more experience with it.

Who is ZoZo?

ZoZo is believed to be an occult demon called ZoZo. He will frequently answer questions or show a sign he is there by moving the planchette in a figure 8. Watch out for this, if it even began to happen close the board down immediately and play again another time. It's dangerous and not advised to contact or communicate with demons or the occult. Many people have reported encountering him on Ouija board work. As Zozo has grown in popularity many people have claimed to call out asking for him, this is a very bad idea and silly thing to do.

Is the Ouija Board Aangerous

Yes, ouija boards can be dangerous. You may have began just wanting an answer, but some of the negative ghosts and demons may want something else entirely. And once you let them into your world you may have a war on your hands trying to get them out.

How to use a ouija board

It's a mysterious and amazing tool, but you need to be aware of the dangers and protect yourself as much as you can. Many people have reported that have accidentally let a demon into their home over the last century. It can turn the bravest of men into a fuld.

How to use it safely alone

We don't recommend using the board's alone, they are dangerous as they attract demons. And using it alone can put you at serious risk. Besides its much more fun to play the game with a friend. It's not like what you have seen in a film. Things don't get thrown around, but the dead can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

Psychic Services vs Ouija Board

If your wanting answers from a deceased loved one, you better going to a psychic medium, as they can see and hear the spirit. When you use it you can't see or hear them, and they lie. So you may not be speaking to the person you think you are. Let your psychic called for your loved ones. We know it costs money and you will have to use a company but it will be safer. Don't use a self pro claimed medium use one with a good popularity.

How to help make it work

You can increase the chances of it working, all the players please a finger or two on the planchette. You then need to ask the spirits questions. If there are no ghosts there, you will not get a reply, or if they don't wish to speak at that time you will not get a reply. You can't force it ta happen, they work on their time. If you don't get results just try again at a different time, or at a different haunted location. The best practice is to visit a known haunted location or haunted house and use it there. There is a higher chance that ghosts will be there and your not risking bringing anything negative into your home.

What questions should I ask?

You can ask anything, you can ask them if they have been to New York, you can ask if they have been in the Civil War, you can ask which company they worked for, you can ask about what’s happening in the news, you can ask if they like cookies, you can ask if they were born in October. As it was a living person your speaking too before they passed, you can ask them anything you could have done when they was alive.

Try to avoid asking ouija boards boring questions like how many spirits are there, they are most like fed up of hearing that question over and over. Once you get a response you are talking to somebody, get to know them and spark up some engaging and interesting questions. You are much more likely to get results if they are enjoying the conversation as much as you are.

Spiritualists and Mediums may help your session

Spiritualist people usually believe in Ouija Boards and may have experience using them, and would be a good addition to your group. Mediums can usually see, hear or be able to communicate with spirits directly, which may help you get better results. You just need to find a spiritualist who is willing to be one of your participants.

Do Ouija Boards only work in a certain language?

The Ouija is just one of many devices for speaking to a spirit. If your using it in France, you will most likely be speaking to a French national, who will speak French, If you are using it in the UK you will most likely be speaking to an English national who will speak English.

How To Safely Use It

The best practices for staying safe... Don't use it in your own home, if something negative comes through its your house its going to get stuck in. Don't ask for demons or anything negative to come through. Always close the board down once you have finished, and say the lord prayer. If the plachette starts going around in a figure 8, or you start getting evil messages through, close it down right away.

Don't use the ouija on your own, ensure there are at least two players. There are many prayers and rituals you can find online to help protect yourself whilst playing. You can find them using a quick Google search. There are even crystal and witch craft symbols you can acquire which will offer some spiritual protection.

How to get rid of it properly

You should wrap it in several bags and throw it in the bin. You don't want to burn it or bad things may happen. And you don't want it to fall into the hands of a child. Bagging it up several times and putting it in the bin will have the least risk of a bad effect. Or it can be sold online, if a buyer is going to buy one it saves you from having to dispose of it and they may save some money.

What not to ask

Many people use it to talk to loved ones. Do not call out for anyone you know or anyone related to you. It's common knowledge that the dead tell lies, and it will not be somebody that is actually related to you. They will pretend to be related so you will true them, when it could actually be a demon tricking you into trusting them. If you want to search for answers from loved ones, you better off finding a good psychic medium.

What questions not to ask the ouija

How to close a Ouija safely

Ouija board's can be closed by moving planchette to Good Bye, and by saying goodbye, then you need to take it off. It's as simple as that. Never walk away from it without closing it down first. By leaving it open your letting anything negative walk free into your home. If this happens you will not like the effect. Once you have called upon the ghosts and have heard their story, close the board down early to reduce negative effect.

Why can't you ask a Ouija about god?

You can ask ouija about god, but I don't think the spirits will give a genuine answer. The spirits you are talking too are usually stuck in limbo, and most likely don't know the real story or history. The story or history they give regarding god will not be true.

The Science Behind the Mystery

The phenomenon is considered by the science community, to be a result of the ideomotor effect. The ideomotor phenomenon is a psychological effect where a subject makes physical motions unconsciously. Which is when you do something automatically without even noticing. This was first noted by Michael Faraday 1853 while he was investigating table tipping.

Many studies have been conducted trying to recreate the effects of the Ouija board in the laboratory environment. Which was kept under laboratory conditions, many of the subjects were moving the planchette involuntarily. In 2012, a study found that when answering yes or no questions.

It showed significantly more accurate responses than guesswork. Suggesting that it might draw on powers of the unconscious mind. Skeptics have described its players as the 'operators', mening the players are moving the planchette. Some critics have stated that the messages spelled out by spirits were similar to what was going through the minds of the participants.

What does a professor of neurology think?

According to a professor of neurology, Terence Hines, in his book Pseudoscience and the Paranormal. The planchette is moved by the unconscious muscular exertions. Like those responsible for table tipping movements. In any case, the illusion that the is moving under its own control is often extremely powerful.

And it’s sufficient to convince many people that spirits are truly at work. The subconscious muscle movements responsible for the moving tables seen at seances. Are examples of a class of phenomena due to what psychologists call, the dissociative state. A dissociative state is where the consciousness is somehow divided or cut off. From the individual's cognitive, motor, or sensory functions. This however is only one persons opinion or belief on the subject. He called it facilitated communication, assisted writing.

Early critics and scholars

They were already criticized by scholars early on. They were described in a 1927 journal as “primitive belief systems". And a con to part fools from their hard-earned money. Another journal in 1921 described reports of ouija board findings as “half truths”. And suggested that their inclusion in newspapers at the time lowered the national discourse.