Mobile Phone Rigs

Ghost hunting mobile phone rigs are essential if you prerecord or livestream from your mobile phone. If your filming your paranormal investigation using a standard mobile phone the video will be shaky, the lighting will be poor, you will hear too much wind noise and background noise. With a filming phone rig your video will be stable. You can add an external wind resistant microphone to remove the wind noise. And you can add an additional light source to improve lighting. You can add multiple lights such as standard, IR and UV lighting. Very handy if your filming on a full spectrum converted mobile phone.

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Why do I need a stabilisation rig?

Using a smartphone rig or a gimble is essential if you are filming from a phone. Holding a mobile in your hand whilst recording makes very poor quality videos. You can spot them immediately, even with a steady hand the shot is jerky and unstable.

Using a rig, and holding it with both hands, keeps the phone much steadier. Which will give you ten times better video quality and will give your viewers a better experience. As well as this with the stabiliser you can add many different types of equipment. Such as lights, a microphones, and additional cameras.

Especially if you have one of our full spectrum converted cameras, you can quickly and easily switch between night vision and standard. By having a standard light and an IR light side my side.

All you have to do is flick one on, and the other off. You can add more lights to improve your lighting. You can add a wind resistant microphone to reduce that pesky wind noise whilst filming outdoors. Which we know from personal experience can be a real problem.

How do I know if the rig will fit my phone?

We only sell the best quality universal phone rigs. Which are adjustable and will phone any type and size of phone. If you have a tablet sized phone, it will likely not fit. And any regular phone will fit just fine. They are fully adjustable, and where the rig grips the phone is padded, the avoid doing any damage. We do offer 30 days refunds on all of our equipment. So if for any reason it doesn't fit your device, you can return it if needed.

Can I use the phone rig for holding my camcorder?

Most likely not, the rigs are only designed for holding your mobile phone. The rigs do have 1/4" threads and hot shoe mounts for mounting things, but your would not likely want to mount your camera to it in this way. As they are designed specifically for holding your phone. If it's something small like a Go Pro Camera, and you want to attach it via the hot shoe or 1/4" thread. This should be fine. As they are small and light and should not cause an issues.