Thermal Imaging Camera

Take your temperature readings to the next level on your paranormal investigation with a Thermal Imaging Camera. Thermal Imaging Cameras are a cunning tool that may help you catch paranormal evidence on your ghost hunt. It's well known that spirits cause hot spots and cold spots, many people feel them whilst investigating. Using the Thermal Imaging Camera gives you a look into the unseen, as you can actually see these hot and cold spots visually which can help provide tangible evidence. Because Thermal Imaging Cameras do not use light, they can be used to see perfectly well in the dark.

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How well do they work in the dark?

As Thermal Imaging Cameras don't use light, they can be used to see in the dark. This is especially good if you are utilizing night-vision cameras throughout your paranormal investigation, as you can silently use the thermal imaging gun without interfering with your other ghost hunting equipment.

Thermal Imaging Cameras, such as the ones we have here for ghost hunting at Spirit Shack, detect and show infrared Thermal Imaging within the area that it is aimed at.

Our Thermal Imaging camera allows you to see the thermal energy within the environment and brings up the thermal energy as an image so that you are able to see it in real-time. The device also tracks temperature, alerting you to if there is a sudden fluctuation that could be indicative of paranormal activity.

How does the Thermal Imaging Camera work?

The image you see on the screen is created using heat signatures instead of light. This gives you a look into a whole other dimension when ghost hunting, as most cameras only pick up light signatures.

The Spirit Shack Thermal Imaging Cameras we have on sale allow you to maintain the darkness of the environment and walk around in pitch black while still being able to see throughout your surroundings using the camera as a night vision camera, if required. This is an added benefit if you are filming or live-streaming your investigation, as many paranormal investigators believe that being able to keep the darkness on an investigation adds integrity.

Paranormal Entities and Thermal Imaging

Some of the best visual evidence ever captured of paranormal entities has been from thermal images. This is mainly because of the repeated evidence that ghosts and spirits have a lot to do with rapid temperature fluctuations within an environment.

Including a Thermal Imaging Camera into your ghost hunting equipment could lead to more conclusive evidence, as you are able to see a whole new realm beyond what you can see with the naked eye, opening up a whole new way to capture evidence.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for ghost hunting display both hot and cold temperatures and the highest and lowest temperatures detected within an environment live on the screen. This allows you to inform the rest of your paranormal investigation, as you may want to move or change the location of some of your other equipment.

One of the biggest benefits of using a Thermal Imaging Camera for ghost hunting is that it allows you to tell the difference in temperature between areas and hot and cold spots, leading to more conclusive and informative evidence.

Our Thermal Imaging Cameras are extremely easy to use and lightweight, fitting in your pocket perfectly so that you are able to walk throughout an area freely while using the device.