Vibration Sensor

What is a vibration sensor, and why do I need one? Quite simply, it monitors vibrations in its surroundings. Vibrations are caused by many different things, such as sound, movement, walking and tapping. How well does it detect sound? All sound creates vibration, so sound can be picked up using this sensor. What makes it more accurate that a sound recording device is that it can pick up sound that we can't even hear with our ears. Such as sounds with a higher frequency and a low frequency that the human ear can detect. And you can see it visibly.

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Movement Detection

Vibration is also caused by movement, footsteps, taps, and anything moving or vibrating. This makes vibration monitoring vibration analysis an important methods of detecting the presence of something supernatural.

Vibration Meter for Ghost Hunting

Having a device for vibration measurement is quite essential for ghost hunting purposes. It's another method of detecting their presence. It's works very well and is often overlooked, unknown to many investigators.

There are amazing vibration meters like the EDI+, which measures many factors including vibration measurement. It saves this vibrational data, and you can hook it up to a computer afterwards and view the vibration data.

Vibration Frequency and Vibration Range

Humans are living detectors, we can detect many things such as light, sound, and touch (vibration). In ghost hunting though we can prove to others what we are detecting or feeling.

That is why we need a system to monitor these factors which can give accurate measurements and can display them for others to see. This is what we call paranormal evidence.

The EDI+

The EDI+ meter is the most advanced and accurate condition monitoring machine we have currently. It measures many factors like magnetic fields, which can be created by a magnet traveling, or by something supernatural.

A magnetic field can be created by many other things like phones, electronic devices and more, all of which the EDI can detect.

As well as EMF, it can detect vibration, temperature changes, humidity and air pressure changes. It's an advanced system with stunning reliability. Used for ghost hunters and for special applications.