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Cherry Haunted Porcelain Doll

Cherry Haunted Porcelain Doll



Although Cherry is undoubtedly haunted, she is a neutral spirit that does not display playful or angry behaviour. One of the ways she makes her presence known is by flickering lights, which serves as her way of showing that she is there.

What makes haunted dolls the perfect for investigators?

The dolls are not merely decorative items but have been carefully chosen for the high spiritual energy they emit. They serve as excellent tools to establish the atmosphere of an investigation, facilitate communication with childlike spirits, and allow other spirits to attach to them over time. The dolls are a valuable addition to any investigator’s toolkit as they provide a platform for ghosts to make contact and can be further enhanced by pairing them with an EMF pump to supercharge their communicative abilities.

Haunted doll features

  • 40 cm tall (15 inches)
  • Eye and cheek wound
  • Bisque Doll
  • Period clothing

Haunted dolls are not toys

It’s worth noting that these dolls are not a common item among investigators. Each is a unique and handcrafted piece created by Mourning by Monday, specifically chosen to serve as an effective tool for communication. The dolls are responsibly sourced, and before the painting process, they are always consulted, as this is an essential step when working with the spirit realm.

These Haunted Horror Dolls are not intended as children’s toys, but as tools to aid in paranormal investigations. Each doll has a unique appearance and may contain minor imperfections as handcrafted items. The dolls have been carefully created to the highest quality standards to ensure a beautifully unique and unorthodox look every time.

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