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280g clear amethyst crystals gift boxed

Clear Amethyst Crystals (280 g gift boxed)



Our 280 g box of clear amethyst crystal is rough cut and makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one.
Amethyst is a violet type of quartz gemstone. This crystal is often used for decoration and is used to make jewellery. As well as having special properties, such as healing, and attracting positive energy. Amethyst is used in magic too.

The crystal has a beautiful deep purple colour and is believed to be a protection stone. Its metaphysical properties include calming the spirit and mind, and bringing psychological, emotional, and physical peace.

Many people use amethyst for medication and relaxation as it reduces stress with its peaceful and calming energy. If you are looking for a gemstone to improve your sleep, amethyst is a good choice.

Each box contains around 280 grams of loose amethyst crystals which are rough cut, and come in various sizes. They have been mined in Brazil.


  • Product Weight: 285 g
  • Product Size: H4.5 cm x W11.5 cm x D9.2 cm
  • Gift Box Size: H4.5 cm x W11.5 cm x D9.2 cm

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