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280g clear amethyst crystals gift boxed

Clear Amethyst Crystals (280 g gift boxed)



Our 280 g box of clear amethyst crystal is rough cut and makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one. Amethyst is a violet type of quartz gemstone. This crystal is often used for decoration and is used to make jewellery. It also has unique properties, such as healing and attracting positive energy. Amethyst is used in magic, too.

The crystal is a beautiful deep purple, believed to be a protection stone. Its metaphysical properties include calming the spirit and mind. And it brings psychological, emotional, and physical peace.

Many people use amethyst for medication and relaxation, as it reduces stress with its peaceful and calming energy. Amethyst is a good choice if you are looking for a gemstone to improve your sleep. The box contains around 280 grams of loose amethyst crystals, which are rough-cut and come in various sizes. They have been mined in Brazil.

Enchanting Beauty of Amethyst

Our collection of clear amethyst crystals, weighing 280 grams, is a captivating sight to behold. Each crystal is a rough-cut gem, showcasing amethyst’s natural, unrefined beauty. Amethyst is known for its striking violet hue. It is quartz that enchants with its deep purple shades. These crystals are visually stunning and carry a sense of mystical allure.

Versatile Use and Decorative Charm

Amethyst is renowned for its number of uses. It’s a popular choice for decorative purposes, adorning homes with its radiant beauty. Also, it’s widely used in jewellery-making. Its natural charm enhances any piece it’s added to. It makes it a perfect gift for those who appreciate the elegance of gemstones.

Healing Properties and Positive Energy

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, amethyst is celebrated for its healing properties. And the ability to attract positive energy. These crystals are believed to offer protection, creating a shield against negativity. Their magic attributes calm the spirit and mind, promoting mental, emotional, and physical peace.

A Companion for Meditation and Relaxation

Amethyst is highly regarded in practices involving meditation and relaxation. The crystal’s peaceful and calming energy is believed to alleviate stress, which makes it an ideal companion for those seeking peace. Amethyst’s soothing properties make it an excellent choice for people aiming to improve their sleep quality.

Natural and Unique

Each box of our clear amethyst crystals contains around 280 grams of these magnificent stones. From the lush mines of Brazil, these rough-cut crystals vary in size, ensuring that each piece is unique. The raw, unpolished nature of these crystals highlights their authentic beauty. It makes each box a treasure trove of natural wonders.

Product and Packaging Details

The product comes with a total weight of 285 grams, encompassing the crystals and their elegant gift box. The size of the product and the gift box are 4.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.2 cm, designed to be compact yet substantial. They offer a generous amount of these enchanting crystals. The gift box itself is crafted to enhance the overall presentation. Pick yours up today as a perfect gift for loved ones or a special treat for yourself.


  • Product Weight: 285 g
  • Product Size: 4.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.2 cm
  • Gift Box Size: 4.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.2 cm

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