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Clear Crystal Quartz Pendulum For Spirit Talking

Clear Crystal Quartz Pendulum For Spirit Talking




This product is the crystal quartz pendulum for divination. The pendulum can communicate with spirits by asking yes/no questions. Depending on the spirit’s response, the pendulum may swing one way for a yes and the other for a no. It is possible to ask questions which only have two possible answers using this method.

This clear pendulum stone measures between 35–45 mm. There will be variations, as the clear crystal quartz is naturally grown. Attached is a 150 mm silver chain with a bead on the end. Remember that none of our pendulums look the same and may look slightly different from the photo.

How to use your dowsing pendulum

Dowsing is a skill anyone can learn. You don’t need years of training or qualifications. You will improve with practice, but you can get started correctly. Hold the end of the chain where the bead is and let the crystal quartz stone hang loose.

Keep your hand steady and wait for the stone to stop moving. Ask the spirits to show you what a yes is; it should start moving front to back, left to right, clockwise or counterclockwise. Once you know a yes, the opposite will be your no. You can now begin to ask yes/no questions.

Magical properties of clear crystal quartz

This product is not just your average pendulum. Clear quartz crystal is a powerful stone which balances and harmonizes. It boosts everything by absorbing, amplifying, storing, balancing, focusing, retrieving, transmitting, and channelling universal energy. And it is excellent for unblocking energy.

Connecting with the spirit world

The clear quartz pendulum is your key to unlocking the mystical realm of divination. It serves as a conduit for communicating with spirits by posing yes/no questions. As you hold the pendulum steady, watch in awe as it swings to reveal the answers you seek. A gentle sway for “yes” or a different motion for “no” clarifies questions with binary answers.



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    Abbie Barrett

    It’s beautiful my daughter loved it.

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