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280g clear quartz crystals gift boxed

Clear Quartz Crystals (280 g gift boxed)



Our 280 g box of clear quartz crystal is rough cut and makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one.
For many years, quartz gemstones have been used for a range of purposes. Including decoration, making jewellery, and their metaphysical properties. Some of these metaphysical properties include healing, and attracting positive energy, often used by witches.

Clear Quartz is believed to be a very powerful crystal and is well known as the stone of power. Many people use this crystal for protection, healing, balance, and boosting concentration. Clear quartz has a unique property, it magnifies and amplifies the effects of other crystals around it. Which makes it a must have for any crystal collection.

Each box contains around 280 grams of loose, rough cut, clear quartz in various sizes. Which have been mined in Brazil. Perfect for providing clarity, calmness and healing.


  • Product Weight: 285 g
  • Product Size: H4.5 cm x W11.5 cm x D9.2 cm
  • Gift Box Size: H4.5 cm x W11.5 cm x D9.2 cm

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