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Clown design Ouija board
Plastic planchette for use with an Ouija board
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Clown design Ouija board and planchette

Wicked Clown Themed Talking Board and Planchette

£13.60 – £24.14



Introducing our Wicked Clown themed Ouija board. This dark and wacky looking design has been created by our team here at SpiritShack, so you will not find this product elsewhere! It adds a creepy vibe to your connection to the spiritual world.

It comes in two sizes, A4 and A3. The A4 is small and portable and fits in most rucksacks. The larger board is more suited if you’re intent on having many players join in the game. The board and planchette are made with plastic and are fully waterproof. It comes with basic safety instructions to help keep you safe whilst using the board.

How To Use The Ouija Board

To use the Ouija board, appoint a person who will be asking the questions before starting. As multiple people asking, the questions can be confusing to spirits. Set the board down in an area where all players will be comfortable sitting or standing for the duration of the session.

Set the area. Dim the lights, light your candles, and get in the mood. Place the planchette on the Ouija board. All players need to place a finger or two on the board, gently. And the appointed person can then start asking questions. Leave enough time for the spirits to respond before the next question.

Once your session has finished, move the planchette to Goodbye, and then remove it from the board

What’s Included

  • Wicked clown themed Ouija board
  • Planchette
  • Rules and instructions leaflet


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