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Crystal Ball Holder & Incense Stick Burner holding a crystal ball
Crystal Ball Holder & Incense Stick Burner from the side with incense stick in
Crystal Ball Holder & Incense Stick Burner view from the back
Crystal Ball Holder & Incense Stick Burner view from the side
Crystal Ball Holder & Incense Stick Burner (Set of 6)
Crystal Ball Holder & Incense Stick Burner view from the front with incense stick in

Crystal Ball Holder & Scent Burner (Set of 6)




This product is the cauldron-shaped incense stick burner and comes in a set of six. You can use it as an ashtray or as a crystal ball holder. These multipurpose burners are any occultist’s dream. It has a small hole in the centre to hold your stick and is finished in a lovely matt black. A tipple moon symbol is on the front with a pentagram in the centre. It’s the perfect gift for your or loved ones’ altars.


Embrace the essence of mysticism with our unique Cauldron-shaped Crystal Ball Holder and scent Burner. It’s a must-have for any occult enthusiast. This versatile set, coming in a pack of six, is the perfect addition to elevate the spiritual ambience of your sacred space.

A Design That Speaks Volumes

Cauldron-Inspired: Drawing inspiration from the ancient symbol of the cauldron. You can use it in rituals and magic; these holders bring mystical allure to any setting.

Witchcraft Symbolism: It’s adorned with the triple moon motif, symbolizing the three phases of the moon (waxing, complete, and waning). With a central pentagram, each piece resonates with the energies of the divine feminine and the five elements.

Matte Black Finish: The elegant matte black finish adds a touch of glamour. It complements various decor styles, making it a versatile choice for different settings.

Functional and Practical

Incense Stick Holder: Designed with a central hole, these cauldron holders are perfect for burning your favourite incense sticks. Burn them to create a serene and aromatic environment for meditation or relaxation.

Crystal Ball Stand: The sturdy and stable design makes it ideal for crystal balls. It can enhance your divination practices and add a mystical touch to your altar.

Alternative Uses: Beyond its primary functions, the holder can also serve as a unique ashtray. And you can blend function with a witchcraft style.



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