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Evil Spirit Dybbuk Box Two 2
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Evil Spirit Dybbuk Box Two

Dark Entity Spirit Dybbuk Box



This is one of two Dybbuk Boxes, both found buried together near the Lake Ayn Al Tamr in Iraq. Having them in our home brought some very strange occurrences. This item was purchased along with a few other haunted items, from a notorious satanic family who collect haunted items. They are active in the occult and would be considered evil by most. The activity we have experienced while the item has been in our possession is quite extreme.

Monitoring equipment like the K2 and static detectors have been triggered many times around the dybbuk box. We feel a dark, negative and heavy presence around it. And I feel, given time, it would cause physical harm to the owners of the box. It needs somebody who specialises in demonology really to work with it.

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