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A close up of the carvings
The ghost-hunting bell from the back
The Dead Bell front the front
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Dead Bell from Ghoststop

Dead Bell – Trigger Object




Vintage Style Bell for Ghost Communication

This vintage style bell will transport you back in time to a past era for a unique ghost hunting experience. The Dead Bell is a beautifully crafted ghost hunting trigger object designed just for paranormal investigators. It’s not your typical ghost busting gadget, it is a mixture of a vintage theme, and modern technology, with a hint of creepiness. And it may be more appealing for spirits of past eras to interact with.

A Bell Triggered With EMF

While the Dead Bell may look like an old-fashioned reception bell, it’s much more than that. Inside this stunning device is an EMF detector, which tracks and monitors electromagnetic fields (EMF) around the device. When the device detects fluctuations of EMF energy, the bell will ring, allowing ghosts to trigger the bell. It’s built in technology ignores signals from man-made interference, such as from phones and walkie-talkies. This means that if the bell rings, it’s likely from the dead.

A Spooky Vintage Style with Paranormal Tech

The Dead Bell looks like a vintage hotel or reception bell, which is made from ornate carved wood. Every piece is made from walnut wood, it provides a hardness and robustness with a unique appearance. With this bell in your arsenal, you’re inviting spirits from past eras in a challenge to ring the bell for a spooky conversation.


  • Traditional reception/hotel bell appearance
  • Modern ghost-hunting technology
  • A unique trigger object
  • EMF detector (natural magnetic)
  • Real traditional mechanical hammer to ring
  • Walnut wood enclosure
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Sensitivity adjustment dial


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    Bethany Blackburn

    Superb. This is a really fun piece of equipment! You can leave it running and hear it even when you’re far away around doing other stuff. It’s so much fun!

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