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Dowsing Rods / Witching Sticks for diving and spirit communication
Ghost hunting dowsing rods, witch sticks for spirit communication

Professional Dowsing Rods for Divination



The Professional Dowsing Rods for Divination and Paranormal Investigations are a great addition to your ghost-hunting kit.

What do dowsing rods do?

Dowsing Rods have been used for generations to find hidden energy which lies above or below the earth’s surface, whether that be coming from a water source, such as a stream, burst water pipe or a lake, but also from power lines, lost property, buried treasure and even human bodies. They are also known as ‘Divining Rods’ and ‘Witching Sticks’.

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These Spirit Shack Professional Dowsing Rods have been created specifically for Divination purposes. Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future using supernatural means. The use of Dowsing Rods dates back to the 15th century, when they were used by individuals for searching for elements buried within the ground. These could have been iron, gold, silver or even petroleum. Even then, they were considered a taboo device, and in the 1700s began to be used for tracking and identifying witches and occultists.

These Dowsing Rods come in a set of two rods with tubular handles which allow free movement when you are firmly holding on to the handles. If you are still unsure if they are the correct equipment for your paranormal investigation purposes after reading this page, a quick google search will enlighten you to their many number of uses and previous investigations. There is no right or wrong way to use Dowsing Rods, do what works for you, and you may just see some results!

Dowsing rod features:

  • Made from Steel
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Package contains 2 Dowsing Rods
  • Length: 12” x 4″
  • Colour: Silver

How do dowsing rods work?

Dowsing Rods have been used for generations, and have gained traction in paranormal investigation. This is because many paranormal researchers believe paranormal entities to be made up of energy, whether that is electromagnetic or otherwise.

It is believed that Dowsing Rods act as a conductor of hidden energy sources that the eye cannot see, or we are unaware of, which is why they are historically made from copper, which is a good conductor of electricity. It is thought that spirits may reside in said hidden energy sources, or be able to manipulate the energy found within them, which, in theory, could be translated through the movement of the Dowsing Rods.

Many paranormal investigators use the rods for communication purposes, asking spirits yes or no questions or to move the rods for different answers. This opens up the possibility for more sophisticated communication between paranormal investigators and spirits.

Some also believe that the spirits can channel their energy through the person who is holding the Dowsing Rods, creating unconscious movements by the person holding the rods. It is believed by some that the movement of the rods is simply an unconscious movement of the user, similar to how many believe that the moving planchette on an Ouija Board is moved.

There is no solid evidence as to exactly why the Dowsing Rods move, but what we do know is that people have been using them for hundreds of years, and there has been some convincing evidence!

How to use dowsing rods:

It is of paramount importance that you practice with these Spirit Shack Dowsing Rods for ghost hunting before you use them. Practice with them outside a paranormal investigation and get comfortable with them. Ask questions to them, and see how they react to your asking. You will become attuned to your rods, and many believe that you should only use your own Dowsing Rods, and not let someone else interfere with the energy by using them.

When you want to use them in a paranormal investigation, make sure you are relaxed and calm, standing still. Stand with your legs apart slightly and keep your arms held close to your sides holding the rods out in front of you. Be as relaxed as possible, and keep the sessions short, shaking it off in between question sessions.

When you are in your stance, take a few slow and deep breaths to clear your mind. Think of the questions you want to ask in your head, and your aim with the investigation. Calibrate your rods by establishing what the “Yes” and “No” responses would be. You can then start searching for a spirit.

You may stand still or walk throughout an area, paying close attention to the rods and their movement at all times. Your rods should move and form an “X” when there is a spirit present, as this indicates that you have found a spot where the energy is strongest within the area.

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    Poppy Thomson

    These dowsing rods work perfectly well, they were delivered on time and support was quick to get back to me. You can feel comfortable ordering from SpiritShack.

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    Sharron Ainslie

    Always first class service. Wouldn’t buy anywhere else. 😁🙏

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    Paul A.

    Great piece of equipment to use for the paranormal.

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