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Dual full spectrum infrared light for ghost-hunting

Dual IR and UV Light Full Spectrum



The Full Spectrum Light is compromised of a Dual IR and UV Light for Full Spectrum Cameras for Ghost Hunting (4x Infrared, 1x Ultraviolet, 1x Visible)

What does the Full Spectrum Light do?

This Sprit Shack Full Spectrum Light is the perfect piece of equipment for ghost-hunting, as if allows you to switch between multiple different lights throughout your paranormal investigation. You can choose between infrared light (night vision), ultraviolet light (full spectrum) and a visible light. Both sets of lights can be turned on and off independently of one another. This means that if you do not wish to use all the lights at the same time, you can use just the Infrared light or the Ultraviolet/Visible lights at one time.

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This Full Spectrum Light comes with a hot shoe mount on the bottom of the device, which allows for easy attachment to your camera or your GoPro. The device is compromised of 6 separate light bulbs, of which, four are Infrared LED lights which do not emit any light which is visible to the human eye (although it is still recommended not to look at one directly), one is an Ultraviolet LED and one is a regular visible light.

Full Spectrum Light features:

  • Lights up to a 60-foot distance (depending on the specifications of the camera you are using)
  • Multi-functioning
  • Infrared light capabilities
  • Ultraviolet light capabilities
  • Regular visible light capabilities
  • Power is long-lasting, over 6 hours on a single battery
  • Compromised of 6 high-powered LED lights
  • Hot shoe and tripod mountable
  • Rear battery compartment is exposed for easily accessible quick battery replacement
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easily transportable

How does the Full Spectrum Light work?

The Spirit Shack Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Light is the most compact light on the market for ghost hunting. It is incredibly high-powered and has multiple different uses, making it a remarkable addition to the equipment of any paranormal investigator.

This Full Spectrum Light versatile in nature, and can be used with any full spectrum camera or camera with night vision capabilities. If you prefer, you can turn on just the infrared lights. This means that it will not affect your night vision cameras, but will add the ability to be able to see infrared frequencies, which can be integral to a paranormal investigation. Or, if you are using a full spectrum camera, you may want to turn on all the lights so that you can pick up everything that goes on. Choose your perfect lighting for whatever you need it for, and you can even hold the device in your hand if you prefer.

This is one of the most compact full-spectrum lights on the market, and you can use 3 different types of lighting packed into a small piece of equipment. The 6 separate high=powered LED lights pack a powerful punch, and can illuminate an area of up to 60-foot distance, depending on the capabilities of the camera you are using.

Full Spectrum Light specifications:

  • Requires 1x 9V Battery for power (not included)
  • Weighs 28g (without battery)
  • Size: 3.25 x 1.75 x 2 inches
How the to use the Full Spectrum Light?

The Sprit Shack Full Spectrum Light benefits from multiple mounting options. You can either mount the light with the hot shoe, or the female tripod mount. If you are using it alongside a camera, you may want to use the different lighting depending on your camera capabilities. If you are using a camera with night vision, the infrared light will work wonders to illuminate the area that you are conducting your paranormal investigation in. Furthermore, if you are using a camera with full-spectrum capabilities, then simply turn all the lights on to get the most out of the equipment.

If you are conducting a paranormal investigation across a large area, or inside but throughout multiple rooms, it is recommended that you purchase multiple lights and place them to illuminate each room. Attach one light per camera for the best results.

Alternatively, if you are conducting a paranormal investigation in a large area, and you are walking around, you have the option to attach this Full Spectrum Light for Ghost Hunting to the camera that you are using, or simply hold it in your hand while you walk throughout the area. This gives you the ability to change courses quickly if you detect paranormal entities in different areas, and capture the most evidence of paranormal activity.

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    Victoria Brown

    The dual full spectrum light we got from SpiritShack is superb. It never fails and doesn’t fade like our other full spectrum lights. The price is good, and it was delivered quickly, thank you for another great product.

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