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EMF Bear KII Meter Electrostatic Paranormal

EMF Teddy Bear Trigger Object




The EMF Bear for Ghost Hunting contains an EMF Meter and is perfect for communicating with child ghosts.

What does the EMF BooBuddy Bear do?

This EMF Bear BooBuddy EMF Bear is definitely not a toy. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment meant for paranormal investigators and ghost hunting investigations. This EMF Bear is compromised of an EMF Meter which accurately detects electrical energy. It is thought that ghosts and spirits emit electrical energy, which this bear is built to detect in the same way that a K2 Meter works.

The EMF Bear is designed specifically for interacting with children’s spirits or the spirits of young children. The bear is highly sensitive, and is set off whenever it gets triggered by a spirit coming into close contact and touching it. This means that it can detect even the weakest of signals, which could be produced by young spirits who can not yet speak or communicate at a very high or sophisticated level.

This EMF BooBuddy Bear is a fantastic piece of equipment to have with you throughout paranormal investigations. It could be the difference between getting readings of paranormal entities and not, as due to its attractive and cuddle appearance, it can encourage child ghosts to interact with you throughout a paranormal investigation.


  • Streamlined design with all electronics hidden inside the bear
  • Cute-looking K2 Meter for communication with child ghosts
  • Detects any energy changes and responds with bright flashing lights
  • Alerts you when there is even a small signal
  • Green light in the centre of the bear signifies the power is on
  • Red light in the centre of the bear signifies that there are small fluctuations in the surrounding energy
  • Red flashing lights in paws signify that there are medium changes in EMF
  • Two paws lighting up signifies a higher energy spike



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    Jesse Tillman

    This is a very good and effective trigger device, we always use this when we come across children spirits

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