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Evil Friends Forever Hoodie
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Evil Friends Forever Hoodie with Glow

Evil Friends Forever Hoodie




This hoodie is our Evil Friend’s Forever hoodie. The design shows Baphomet skipping down the hill with a young girl. The skipping goat-man has red eyes, hooves, and horns.
The young girl looks happy as she dances along with her new friend. Scattered along the hill are flowers, with a tower and a barn in the background on the top of the hilltop. The girl looks like she is possessed, evil friends forever.

It comes in different colours and sizes, which you can select at checkout. This hoodie is unisex and made of 100% cotton.

Embrace the Unearthly Bond

Unveil the satanic charm of our Evil Friend’s Forever Hoodie, a hoodie that transcends the boundaries of convention. It invites you to explore the realm where darkness and light intertwine. This unique design portrays what appears to be Baphomet, the harbinger of the arcane… Skipping merrily down a hillside with a young girl by its side.

The girl dances with gleeful abandon as the goat-man with crimson eyes, hooves, and horns frolics. Her newfound companion seemingly entrances her. Amidst this eerie scene, a picturesque landscape unfolds, featuring scattered flowers, a looming tower, and a rustic barn atop the hill. The juxtaposition of innocence and malevolence is striking, evoking the notion of evil friends.

Diverse Choices

Choose from a range of colours and sizes to suit your style. This hoodie is thoughtfully designed to cater to your preferences. Whether you opt for classic black or a bolder hue, you can make your selection at checkout. Our Evil Friend Hoodie is unisex, making it suitable for both males and females who appreciate dark humour.

Quality You Can Feel

Crafted from a comfortable and durable poly/cotton blend, this hoodie embodies style and ensures lasting comfort. The adjustable hood and convenient kangaroo pocket add functional elements to this striking piece. And it’s a versatile addition to your wardrobe.



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