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The top of our demonic dybbuk box
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Evil spirit dybbuk Box

Evil Spirit Dybbuk Box


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This is one of two Dybbuk Boxes, both found buried together near the lake Ayn al-Tamr in Iraq. Having them in our home brought some very strange occurrences. This item was purchased, along with a few other haunted items, from a notorious satanic family who collect haunted items. They are active in the occult and would be considered evil by most. The activity we have experienced while the item has been in our possession is quite extreme.

Monitoring equipment like the K2 and static detectors have been triggered many times around the dybbuk box. We feel a dark, negative and heavy presence around it. And I feel, given time, it would cause physical harm to the owners of the box. It needs somebody who specialises in demonology really to work with it.

The Mystery of the Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk Box is a term that has become synonymous with haunted artefacts. It is believed to be a box or cabinet haunted by a ‘dybbuk’. A Dybbuk is a restless and malevolent spirit from Jewish mythology. The concept of a Dybbuk Box taps into the human fascination with the unknown and the supernatural.

Origins of the Dybbuk

The term ‘dybbuk’ refers to a dislocated spirit. According to Jewish folklore, it possesses and clings to the living. The Dybbuk Box contains such a spirit, and strange occurrences surround it. And it may bring misfortune for those who have come into contact with it.

The box gained notoriety following its sale on eBay, where its owner detailed a series of eerie events related to it. The events included unexplained health issues, nightmares, and a series of bizarre, frightening experiences. The strange event followed the box wherever it went.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

The Dybbuk Box has outgrown its story and origins to become a notorious item in the paranormal field. Inspiring films and books that explore the themes of possession and paranormal films serve as a reminder of the timeless human interest in objects believed to be imbued with supernatural entities.

A Symbol of the Paranormal

In the paranormal world, the Dybbuk Box stands as a symbol of historical belief and folklore. And the ongoing human attraction to the world we can’t see. It’s a doorway to the fear that comes with the unexplained and the otherworldly connections.

History, Myth, and Mystery

The Dybbuk Box is more than just a haunted artefact. It’s a potentially dangerous item with a dark history of history. And it’s a tool used within the paranormal community. It continues to terrify, whether viewed as a genuine haunted object or a subject of folklore. The boxes hold a special place in the world of paranormal phenomena. The Dybbuk Box remains an example of how particular objects bring out our fears. And our curiosities about the unknown.

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