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The GhostStop Flux from the front and side
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Flux 2 paranormal response device
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Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device



The Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device allows you to ask questions and get responses from spirits and paranormal entities.

The Flux 2 is a paranormal response device. It was built intending to communicate adequately with spirits and ghosts. It is a device designed by paranormal researchers with communication with the paranormal at the forefront of their mind.

The device is a simple yet highly effective ghost hunting device which allows you to get clear responses (which you can both see and also hear) during a paranormal investigation. The device is simple to use as you just turn it on, ask a question and wait for a response. The device works both audibly and visually, giving you responses through lights and also sound. It is a great piece of ghost hunting equipment to either use during the day or at night during a paranormal investigation.

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What does the Flux 2 do?

The Flux 2 acts as a response device between yourself and the paranormal. Set it up and ask either yes or no questions, or even close-ended questions. This ghost detector has the benefit of multiple sensors which detect changes in the environment. It can determine a response to your question based on motion, distance and temperature changes. It is commonly known throughout the paranormal investigation community that temperature changes are very common when communicating with paranormal entities.

The sensors within the device will provide to you fast and exact measurements of movement and distance, so you can gauge the strength and direction of the paranormal entities throughout your investigation.


  • Utilizes both light and sound indicators for determining distance
  • Colour changing lights depending on response for quick reference
  • Clear sound alerts with scaling tones for clear audible indicators
  • Can adjust the zone area to adjust the sensitivity of the device
  • Consists of multiple environmental sensors for easy communication
  • Long-life battery is easily rechargeable
  • Bright LED lights make it easy to see in the dark
  • Charged by a chord so don’t have to bother constantly changing batteries
  • Two sides operate individually but simultaneously
  • Easy to transport and compact
  • Works amazingly day or night due to both light and sound

How does it work?

The Flux 2 Response Device consists of two infrared laser motion and distance sensors. These highly sensitive sensors help to determine the motion and distance of a paranormal entity. Depending on what sensors you ask, you may get different responses from paranormal entities or ghosts you’re attempting to communicate with.

The Flux is one of the best response devices on the market because it combines so many different elements. For example, simply using an EVP Recorder, SLS Camera or EMF Detector will give you just one element of communication – such as sight, hearing or detecting the energy of a paranormal entity. The Flux 2 is an all-in-one, as it can detect movement, distance and temperature, making it easier for paranormal entities to communicate with.

How to use the Flux

Each side of the Flux 2 operates independently of one another, meaning it is a great tool for measuring motion in two different directions simultaneously. Simply turn it on, ask a question and wait for a response. Any yes or no question or close-ended questions will generate an accurate response.

When there is a response, the red or green light will light up, and there will be a tone, so you can also hear it. When asking, make sure to include the answer. For example:

“Is there anyone here with us? Green for yes, red for no”

  • Yes: Green light with high-pitched audio tone
  • No: Red light with low audio tone

“Are you female or male? Green for female, red for male”

  • Female: Green light with high audio tone
  • Male: Red light with low audio tone

Make sure your questions are closed-ended to ensure accurate readings.

Zone selections

  • Zone 1 (Green) = up to 1 foot from device
  • Zone 2 (Yellow) = up to 2 feet from device
  • Zone 3 (Red) = up to 4 feet from device
  • Zone 4 (Purple) = up to 7 feet from device

The new zone selection feature of the Flux 2 Response Ghost Hunting Device allows you to get more accurate readings because of the improved sensitivity. With the new sensor technology, you can determine distance. You can turn the adjustment knob on the device to set the zone within which you decide to investigate. If you are in a smaller room, turn the knob to set it to a smaller zone (zone 1). If you are in a larger room, turn the knob to include a larger zone (zone 4). When you turn on the device and set the tone, you have 10 seconds to move out of the way.

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    Josh Power

    It was a little difficult to use at first, once you read the instructions though and understand how it works it’s great. Defiantly a unique addition to our ghost hunting equipment

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