Converted full spectrum mobile phone for ghost hunting
Ghost hunting front and rear full spectrum mobile phone
Full spectrum livestream mobile phone for paranormal investigations
Night vision converter smartphone ghost hunting equipment
Livestream from your mobile phone to YouTube and Facebook in full spectrum
Converted full spectrum mobile phone for ghost hunting
Full Spectrum Camera
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Full Spectrum Mobile Phone for Livestream

£250.00 – £291.67

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The Full Spectrum Converted Mobile Phone is a great piece of ghost hunting equipment for live-streaming paranormal investigations.

What Does It Do?

This Full Spectrum Phone Converted Samsung allows you to live-stream or record your paranormal investigations as they are happening. The camera also allows you to film in night vision, an added bonus when ghost hunting as you will most likely be using UV and IR lighting.

This Samsung Ghost Hunting Phone has been adapted to include a full-spectrum camera for ghost hunting, and therefore allows your phone to see more forms of light, which in turn leads to you getting more conclusive evidence of paranormal entities and spirit on video. This camera allows you to also stream live on either Youtube and Facebook in full-spectrum, which is completely unique compared to any other piece of ghost hunting equipment.

This device is not just for live streaming. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can also be used as a stand-alone full spectrum camera or camcorder, for recording photos and videos throughout a paranormal investigation with the ease of taking photos on a mobile phone. It’s easy to fit in your pocket, meaning you can simply grab it out and start to take photos whenever you become aware of any paranormal activity during an investigation.

As this Spirit Shack Full Spectrum Camera Phone for ghost hunting is refurbished by us and completely unique, they tend to sell out incredibly fast! Grab yours today before they’re sold out.

Main Features:

  • Refurbished Samsung J5 (2016) Mobile Phone
  • Upgraded front or rear or both cameras to full spectrum
  • Full-spectrum allows you to live stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more
  • Completely unique to Spirit Shack because of the refurbishments
  • Full Spectrum cameras allow you to see ultraviolet and infrared light, standard cameras don’t
  • Camera features allow you to take photos, record video, and live stream in both full-spectrum and night vision
  • Front-facing camera – 5MP Full Spectrum Camera
  • Rear-facing camera – 13MP Full Spectrum Camera
  • Night Vision allows you to film in complete darkness

How Does It Work?

It is thought by experienced paranormal investigators and ghost hunters that ghosts, spirits and paranormal entities are made up of electrical energy. It is therefore believed that spirits are most likely to show up when using UV and IR lighting which you are unable to see with the human eye.

Electromagnetic energy is also unable to be seen by standard cameras. It is therefore necessary to use a full-spectrum camera to record evidence of these paranormal entities, and see when you are in the presence of them. This Spirit Shack Full Spectrum Converted Night Vision Mobile Phone allows you to see both UV and IR light, and even live stream in full-spectrum mode.

  • Benefit of BOTH front and rear cameras as full-spectrum
  • Front Camera – 5MP
  • Rear Camera – 13MP
  • Fast f1.9 aperture lens for smooth quality video
  • Works well in low-light
  • Choice of SIM, WIFI or tethering to existing phone plan
  • Benefit of easily-interchangeable battery
  • More than 3 feet focusing distance
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Can record in complete darkness (night vision) with IR lights
  • Night Vision Ghost Hunting Camera Phone
  • Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera Phone
How To Use It:

The Full Spectrum Converted Mobile Phone for Ghost Hunting has been used before but has been completely refurbished and tested. This means it may also come with a couple of scratches or scuffs, but never any defects which would affect the functioning of the device.

In order to get the longest amount of battery life and usage out of it, it is advised to completely charge the battery to its full amount. It is a USB cable to charge the phone, and you might want to bring the charger with you to the paranormal investigation due to them usually going on for many hours, especially if you’re live streaming as this tends to drain the battery quite quickly.

Because this is a converted phone, you have the choice to download whatever apps you desire or simply log in to your Facebook, TikTok or Instagram account in order to live stream in full night vision/full spectrum. If you would like to maintain the darkness of the environment, then simply use IR or UV lighting as you are unable to see this with the human eye.

This Spirit Shack Converted Full Spectrum Mobile Phone Camera for ghost hunting is easily handheld, meaning you are able to move freely throughout an environment while holding it in your hand. In order to garner a response from any paranormal entities within the area, you might want to start by asking questions out loud into the space, such as, “are there any spirits around who would like to communicate with us?” In order to prompt a response from paranormal entities.

Additional information

Camera Options

Front Camera Conversion £300, Rear Camera Conversion £300, Front & Rear Conversion £350

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    This thing is awesome! One of a kind as well, I was looking for a full spectrum phone for a long time you just can’t find them. Finally I can go live on YouTube in full spectrum 😀

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