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Galaxy Triple Moon Goddess Incense Stick Burner 2
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Galaxy Triple Moon Goddess Incense Stick Burner

4x Galaxy Triple Moon Goddess Fragrance Burner




This product is a beautiful-looking blue and gold triple moon incense stick holder. It’s shaped like a triple moon with a pentagram in the centre. This product pops with the blue and purple galaxy background and the golden edges. It’s a remarkable design by Nemesis Now. The symbol represents the waxing, waning and complete moon cycles. So, it makes the perfect gift for any witch or spiritualist. It’s made from high-quality resin and has been meticulously hand-painted.

Striking Design and Symbolism

The Galaxy Triple Moon Goddess Fragrance Burner stands out with its visually striking design. This piece artistically embodies the triple moon symbol. It’s a symbol which is well-rooted in pagan and Wiccan traditions. It represents the three phases of the moon – waxing, complete, and waning. And it symbolizes the aspects of the goddess: maiden, mother, and crone. The central pentagram adds an extra layer of mystical allure. And it makes it a fascinating addition to any spiritual or ritualistic setting.

Galactic Aesthetics

The galaxy theme of this burner, with its blend of blue and purple hues, evokes a sense of cosmic wonder. The gold accents along the edges and the pentagram provide a beautiful contrast. And it highlights the intricate details of the design. This burner doesn’t just serve a practical purpose; it’s a work of art that can enhance the spiritual ambience of any room.

Quality Craftsmanship

This incense burner is built for longevity and is crafted from high-quality Polyresin. The careful hand-painting ensures that each piece is unique, with attention paid to every detail. The quality or work guarantees that this burner is not just a tool for fragrance but also a lasting keepsake.

Versatile and Practical

This burner is perfectly sized to hold your favourite incense sticks, adding to a calming and aromatic space. This burner is practical and visually appealing, whether used during meditation, yoga, or to create a relaxing atmosphere.



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