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Ghost touch sensor flashing cats balls for hunting ghosts
Black K2 EMF meter for detecting ghosts
Digital voice recorder Dictaphone for catching EVPs and spirit communication
Rem pod ghost detector
SBox spirit box ghost radio
Best laser grid matrix 532 nm for paranormal investigations
Original A3 sized Ouija board with planchette for communicating with spirits
HexCom word bank for spirit communication (Ovilus alternative)
The SpiritShack creepy music box
Thermal imaging camera for ghost-hunting
Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit 8
Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal Kit 8 – Advanced (8% Discount)

£973.73 £895.84



This is one of our advanced Ghost Hunting Kits, ideal if you have no equipment yet but are familiar with how to use it. The price includes 8% discount. This kit includes one K2 Meter, which detects EMF (electromagnetic fields). This type of energy is what spirits give off. It includes three touch activated cat balls. Which are sensitive to touch, movement and vibration. One EVP Recorder, which you can use to communicate with spirits.

It also includes one portable RemPod, which detects static electricity. An SBOX spirit box, for communicating with spirits in real time. A professional green laser grid pen, which can be used to catch visual manifestations. The classic Ouija board and planchette for communicating with ghosts.

The HexCom word generator, which is similar to the Ovilus. You ask questions, and any responses are shown on screen and read out aloud. The Ghostly Music Box, which has a motion sensor which triggers a creepy sounding tune. And a Thermal Imaging Camera for seeing spirits visually. There are links to each of these products below, it might be worth viewing each product as there is more detailed information on each product.

Kit Includes:
1x K2 Meter
3x Touch Activated Cat Balls
1x EVP Recorder
1x RemPod
1x Green Laser Grid Pen
1x Classic Ouija Board with Planchette (A4 Size)
1x HexCom
1x Ghostly Music Box
1x Thermal Imaging Camera


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