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Two balls, touch activated flashing cat balls for spirit communication
Motion activated flashing cat toy balls, use them to talk to ghosts
Ghost touch sensor flashing cats balls for hunting ghosts
Three light up balls that flash for ghost hunters

Touch Activated Flashing Balls (3 Pack)



These Touch Activated Flashing Balls are motion-activated. Also known as Flashing Cat Balls or Ghost-Hunting Cat Balls.

Our SpiritShack Motion-Activated Flashing Balls light up and flash when touched or moved. They are just toys for pets, also known as flashing cat balls or ghost-hunting cat balls. They have broken out in the paranormal investigation world as a great and cost-effective way to identify if there is a spirit nearby.

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Since we sell these ghost-hunting cat balls in a pack of three, you can easily identify if you are in the presence of an intelligent spirit. Use them by simply asking the spirit to touch or move a ball. If it flashes, you know you are in the presence of a paranormal spirit. You can ask the spirit to touch an individual ball or move one, then the other. It is a great way of communicating with spirits. We have had some great results during paranormal investigations, particularly when attempting to communicate with spirit children.

Many popular ghost-hunting teams, including Ghosts of Britain and K9 Paranormal, have used touch-activated flashing balls. They have been used mainly for assisting in the communication of spirit children, whose spirits may not be strong enough for detection on our more sophisticated ghost-hunting equipment, such as our spirit box or EVP.


  • Includes 3 Touch Activated Flashing Cat Balls
  • Colour: Clear
  • Material: Plastic
  • Batteries: Included

How Do They Work?

These are just plastic balls, but when spirits move them, they are motion-activated and begin to flash. Since we sell them in a pack of three, you can easily identify if you are in the presence of an intelligent spirit. You can use them by asking questions to spirits, asking them to make a ball move for “yes” and “no”. They are great for detecting if you are with a spirit that is happy to communicate and intelligent.

We have determined that these motion-activated flashing balls are very sensitive through thorough testing and usage. And spirits can trigger them easily. They work well in low-light or zero-light situations because of the light source they emit when triggered.

The batteries are pre-installed, and you can’t replace them. But will last for years if used just for spirit communication as they consume little power.

How To Use Them

The balls must be on a completely level or flat surface. A level surface will ensure that they are flashing because of paranormal activity rather than movement due to being on an unloved surface.

Simply put them on a flat surface, then ask questions or begin talking to the spirits in the room. It’s not a requirement; depending on the spirit’s strength, these motion-activated flashing balls could begin to flash without you having to say anything. If you turn the balls on, and they begin flashing, they will flash for around 15 seconds. Wait until the ball has stopped flashing to ask further questions.

You can ask the spirits to make a particular ball flash or give the balls yes and no titles. For example, asking, “Please, can you make this ball flash?” or “Are you happy to communicate? Move the ball closest to the lamp for yes or the wall for no.” Responsive answers will allow you to see if you are communicating with an intelligent spirit.

You can spread them around the room as you would with other trigger objects. And you can then encourage spirits to communicate with them. You know the spirit is strong if more than one of your ghost-hunting cat balls flashes at once.

When Could You Use Them?

These motion-activated flashing balls are easy to use. You can test the waters if you think you may be around paranormal activity, but do not want to invest in the more expensive ghost-hunting equipment. They are a very popular device because of their affordability.

  1. If you feel as though there is paranormal activity within your house or establishment
  2. If you have heard that there may be younger spirits within your house or establishment
  3. If you sense a younger paranormal spirit within your vicinity
  4. If you have been experiencing paranormal activity and want to test the waters before investing in more sophisticated and expensive equipment

These motion-activated flashing balls have seen success from a wide array of people. They are great for paranormal activity investigators or people trying to see if there are any spirits within their homes. You can watch our video for an explanation of how they work if you are unsure.

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  1. Rating

    Psychic connection

    I love mine, I have had some fantastic results with them. Lit up in response to asking questions, and as you literally have to touch them to activate makes me feel the response is genuine paranormal response

  2. Rating

    Lenard Smith

    The results we have had were excellent. Sam was very helpful. I would recommend these, as it shows in Sam’s video.

  3. Rating

    David Farmer

    Arrived fine, have yet to experiment.

  4. Rating

    Jane F.

    Quick delivery professional service

  5. Rating

    Tanya Saliba

    Excellent, thanks.

  6. Rating

    Mandy Jones

    Love these, I’ve been after some for a while but have been too expensive on other sites, so I was delighted to have three for this price.

  7. Rating


    Very fast delivery.

  8. Rating


    I’ve brought these. Brilliant, ghost love them so much, so I had to turn them off at one point as they wouldn’t stop playing with them. 😀

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