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Ghosts style Ouija board
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Ghosts Ouija board with planchette

Ghost Ouija Board & Planchette (Sizes A3 and A4)

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Introducing the Ghost-Themed Ouija Board, the ultimate tool for communicating with spirits! This board is designed to make your ghostly encounters as easy and enjoyable as possible. It comes in sizes A4 and A3.

The Ghost-Themed Ouija Board is stylish and functional with a sleek black and white design featuring spooky ghost graphics. The board is made from high-quality materials and sturdy enough to last for many séances.

How to use the Ouija Board

  1. Choose a quiet, dimly lit room where you won’t be disturbed. It’s essential to create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and focus.
  2. Gather trusted friends and sit around the board with your fingers on the planchette. The board should be placed on a flat, stable surface like a table.
  3. Begin the session by asking simple questions like “Is anyone there?” or “Can you hear us?”
  4. Wait for the planchette to move. It may take a few minutes, but eventually, the planchette should start to move across the board. Be patient and open to the messages the spirits may want to communicate.
  5. Ask clear and specific questions. The spirits may be unable to answer vague or open-ended questions, so it’s essential to be clear about what you want to know.
  6. Don’t force the planchette to move. Let it move naturally and freely, and don’t try to influence its movements with your force.
  7. Say goodbye to the spirits when you’re ready to end the session. Always end the session positively, and thank the spirits for communicating with you.

Remember, using an Ouija board can be a powerful and potentially unsettling experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to approach it respectfully and carefully and follow the basic steps carefully to stay safe and get the most out of your session.

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How to Stay Safe While Using the Ouija Board

  1. Approach the board with respect and reverence. Before you begin, take a moment to acknowledge the power of the board and the potential risks involved in communicating with spirits.
  2. Always use the board with a group of trusted friends. Never use it alone.
  3. Set clear boundaries and intentions before beginning your session. Decide what questions you want to ask and what kind of spirits you are willing to communicate with before starting.
  4. Protect yourself with white light or other spiritual protection techniques, such as smudging with sage or carrying protective crystals.
  5. Do not use the board if you are feeling vulnerable, upset, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. If you encounter harmful or threatening spirits, end the session immediately and say goodbye to the ghosts.
  7. Never mock or challenge the spirits, as this can attract negative energy and potentially dangerous entities.
  8. If you feel uncomfortable or scared at any point during the session, end it immediately.

Remember, using an Ouija board is not for everyone, and it’s crucial to approach it with caution and respect. If you need more clarification about using one or feel uncomfortable with the idea, it’s okay to avoid it altogether.

History of the Ouija Board

The history of the Ouija board dates back to the mid-1800s when spiritualism, a movement that aimed to communicate with the dead, was gaining popularity. In 1890, a businessman named Elijah Bond patented the first Ouija board, initially marketed as a parlour game.

The Ouija board quickly became a popular tool for communicating with spirits. Many people claimed to have had successful and even terrifying encounters with the supernatural. However, it also faced criticism and controversy from those who believed it was a devil tool and could lead to dangerous spiritual activity.

Over the years, the design and marketing of the Ouija board have changed. Still, its popularity as a tool for communicating with spirits has remained. Today, it is often used as a novelty item or a serious tool for those interested in exploring the paranormal.

Regardless of whether you believe in the power of the Ouija board, its history is a fascinating glimpse into the human desire to communicate with the unknown and the supernatural.

What’s Included

  • Ghost Ouija Board
  • Planchette
  • Rules and instructions leaflet


  • A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
  • A3 (297 mm x 420 mm)

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A3 (297 mm x 420 mm), A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)

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