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Green Ivy Pentagram Backflow Incense Burner 19 cm 3
Green Ivy Pentagram Backflow Incense Burner 19 cm 4
Green Ivy Pentagram Backflow Incense Burner 19 cm 2
Green Ivy Pentagram Backflow Incense Burner 19 cm
Green Ivy Pentagram Backflow Incense Burner 19 cm 2

Green Ivy Pentagram Backflow Cone Incense Burner


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This Pentagram Back flowing Incense Burner features a pentagram symbol sitting on top of a round base. Decorated with green ivy. There is a small square cube sitting at the back of the burner which is where you place your favourite backflow cones. It has been moulded in the finest resin and has been expertly hand-painted. This aged, rustic looking ivy pentagram style cone burner is perfect for any Wiccan or pagan witch.

A Blend of Nature and Magic

The burner is a stunning fusion of natural elements and mystical symbolism. This burner prominently features a pentagram symbol, sitting atop a round base. It’s a key emblem in Wiccan and Pagan traditions, representing the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. The burner symbolizes growth and is decorated with intricately designed green ivy, renewal, and the eternal cycle of life and nature, making it an excellent piece for any spiritual space.

Unique Incense Experience

This cone burner is designed for backflow incense cones. It creates a captivating visual effect where smoke gently pours from the Pentagram’s centre. It resembles a mystical cascade. The small square cube at the back of the burner securely holds the backflow incense cone. And it ensures a seamless and enchanting cone smelting experience. This feature enhances the ambience and adds a touch of magic to your daily rituals.

Expertly Hand-Painted

The Green Ivy Pentagram Incense Holder is made from the finest resin and showcases excellent craftsmanship. Each piece is expertly hand-painted. The quality highlights the intricate details of the ivy and Pentagram. And it gives the product a rustic, aged appearance. This meticulous process ensures that each incense cone burner is unique. And it makes it an exceptional addition to any collection.

Perfect for Wiccan and Pagan Practitioners

With its deep symbolism and functional design, this incense holder is ideal for those practising Wiccan or Pagan rituals. And it serves as a powerful tool during ceremonies and meditation. Or simply as a decorative piece that aligns with spiritual beliefs. Its size makes it a striking presence in any room, altar, or sacred space.



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