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Gloria negative haunted doll
Negative doll

Haunted Poltergeist Doll



This doll is a very haunted porcelain doll, she may be one of the strongest spirits we have encountered. Since acquiring her, she has been living with us in our home. We don’t know her name, we have tried numerous times to acquire it with the Spirit Box, Ouija board and EVP recorder. While she does speak, she’s holding back her name. Since taking her in, objects around her have been moving. And the doll itself has changed positions several times.

We have been moving her into the different rooms to see if the activity follows her, and sure enough, it does. It’s only small objects that she’s moving, like pens and books, but still, it’s incredible to witness. We don’t know if this doll is positive or negative, but we do know she is strong enough to move things.

A doll with poltergeist abilities

It’s incredibly rare for ghosts to be able to move objects. Out of the hundreds of ghosts we have encountered, she is one of the few with a poltergeist ability. Be careful though, it may seem insignificant, but sharp screws could have caused injury if we had not had noticed them. I believe that her spirit could grow strong if you invest the time and encourage her to move things more.

Just like humans, spirits get better at things with practice. That is why it’s always best to try and communicate with your haunted dolls daily, and their activity should increase over time. If you are serious about gathering paranormal evidence, this is a one of a kind spirit, and you will be lucky to have Gloria working with you.

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