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Herne and Animals Folklore Bronzed Figurine 2
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Herne and Animals Folklore Bronzed Figurine

Herne and Animals Folklore Bronzed Figurine (30 cm)



This product is the bronze Herne and Animals figurine! Celebrate English heritage and folklore with this beautiful decoration. Herne is the ghost of a hunter associated with English folklore in the Winsor Forest and Great Park in Berkshire, England. This Celtic figure stands with a short box and a hunting horn in his hand. While he stands proudly, the animals stand around him. There’s a snake wrapped around his neck and a wolf and faun aside his legs. This statue is a perfect mythology piece for any altar.

Discover English Heritage

Celebrate the rich tapestry of English heritage and folklore with our Herne and Animal’s Bronzed Figurine. This stunning piece pays homage to the enigmatic spirit of Herne. He’s a spectral hunter rooted in English folklore. He’s linked with Windsor Forest and Great Park in Berkshire, England.

Herne’s Haunting Presence

Herne, the legendary ghostly figure, is expertly captured in this figurine, standing at an impressive 30 cm tall. His commanding presence is accentuated by detailing that brings this Celtic character to life. Herne’s hands hold a short box and a hunting horn, symbols of his connection to the hunt.

A Mythical Ensemble

This figurine is not just a depiction of Herne; it’s a tableau of English folklore. Surrounding Herne are three iconic creatures that add depth to the scene. A sinuous snake wraps around his neck, showing the mystical and the untamed. By his side, a loyal wolf stands guard, displaying both companionship and the untamed spirit of the wild. Nearby, a playful faun adds an element of enchantment to the scene.

Masterful Art Piece

Crafted with precision and care, this Herne and Animals Figurine showcases attention to detail. Each element, from Herne’s flowing mane to the texture of the creatures’ fur, is hand-painted in bronze. The beautiful colour enhances the figurine’s realism and overall looks.

Premium Quality

Our figurine is crafted from the finest quality Polyresin, ensuring it will last. Its weight of 1.73 kg adds to its substantial feel and impressive presence. It’s a great addition to your or a loved one’s collection.

Ideal for Altars and Mythology Collectors

Whether you’re creating a sacred altar dedicated to English folklore or adore Herne, this figurine is perfect. It serves as a symbolic representation of the enduring connection between humans and the natural world.

Bring Herne Home

Elevate your decor with this unique piece of art and folklore. The Herne figurine is a must-have for collectors with its rich symbolism and masterful quality. It’s a perfect gift for mythology enthusiasts and those who appreciate English heritage.


  • Expertly crafted English folklore ghost figurine
  • Depicting the ghostly horned man, Herne
  • Made from the finest resin
  • Masterfully hand-painted in bronze

Figurine Specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 1.73 kg
  • Size: 30 cm
  • SKU: H3143H7
  • Barcode: 801269118150

Elevate your space and embrace the legends of Herne with this stunning figurine. Order yours today and let Herne’s haunting presence enchant your surroundings.

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