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HexCom Ovilus and Pararek alternative
HexCom ghost-hunting equipment Ovilus alternative
HexCom ghost detector Ovilus and Paratek alternative
HexCom wordbank for spirit communication Ovilus alternative

HexCom Word Generator (Ovilus alternative)




SpiritShack created the HexCom, a word bank word generator specifically designed to communicate with spirits. The device has a built-in EMF meter, which allows ghosts to choose from a database of over 2,000 words. It operates similarly to the Ovilus.

Once spirits select words, they are displayed on the large, backlit colour screen and spoken aloud through the built-in speaker. The HexCom shows the previous nine words chosen, replacing them one by one as new words are selected. You can see words from any angle with a bright screen and a wide viewing angle.

The HexCom, Designed for Accurate Spirit Communication

The HexCom is designed for accuracy and usability and fits comfortably in most pockets. It has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB-C charger cable. With only four hours to charge and eight hours of use, the device can last through an investigation. Additionally, you can plug it into a USB battery pack for extended usage.

The device features a power switch for easy on-and-off operation. Users can leave the HexCom running in the background to capture responses, or they can carry it while walking around and asking spirits questions. However, if no words are selected, there may be extended delays between chosen words.

The HexCom is a powerful tool for paranormal investigators seeking to communicate with spirits, thanks to its built-in EMF meter and extensive word database.

HexCom Features

  • Word bank word Generator over 2,000 words
  • Words chosen are displayed onscreen and read out aloud
  • Displays the 9 previously chosen words
  • 3.5″ full colour backlit screen
  • Wide viewing angle on screen
  • Built in long life rechargeable battery
  • Built-in EMF meter for word selection

How to use the HexCom

  1. To use HexCom, turn it on using the power switch. Once turned on, the device will begin monitoring EMF readings and will wait for the readings to change. We have linked each of the 2,000 words to an EMF reading, which allows spirits to choose a phrase by matching the correlating EMF reading.
  2. You can place the device down and leave it running in the background, or hold it and ask questions while walking around. The built-in EMF meter allows ghosts to select words from the list, and the chosen words will be displayed for you on the device’s backlit colour screen.
  3. When the spirits choose a word, it will be spoken aloud through the device’s built-in speaker. You can view the previous nine comments chosen on the screen. If no words are selected, there may be a long delay between chosen words.
  4. HexCom is designed for accuracy and usability. Its bright screen and wide viewing angle allow you to easily see the chosen words from any angle. In addition, the device has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours of continuous use. You can also charge it using the included USB-C charger cable.
  5. Overall, HexCom is useful for paranormal investigators seeking to communicate with spirits. You can receive responses from the other side using its built-in EMF meter and extensive word database.



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  1. Rating

    Sharon Dennis-Sinclair


  2. Rating

    Steven Spademan-Bates

    Amazing, great service and a great part of my kit. I took it out on a paranormal investigation, and I wasn’t let down. Well worth buying.

  3. Rating

    Nicholas Povey

    quick delivery, simple to use could do with a battery remaining bar

  4. Rating

    Tracey M.

    It seems like a good piece of equipment, can’t wait to use it on an investigation at the weekend.

  5. Rating

    Paul Dashwood

    Excellent service was easy to order and was delivered within 2 days. I haven’t had chance to use yet but looking forward to next ghost hunt. Thank you very much for your prompt service keep up the good work.

  6. Rating


    It’s a pretty good bit of kit, it’s a bit chunky and doesn’t come with a protective case or anything though. It’s very simple to use, you just switch it on and let it wait for input. It does spit out random words every few minutes, so you need to watch for intelligent responses that don’t come in the usual time of it just working. Did get a complaint from a couple ghost friends that it’s difficult for them to use as the dictionary is just a big list of words they have to go down to find the one they want. They’d prefer a smaller dictionary! They like it all the same though, I use dowsing rods to confirm they made it say the words that come up. Worth getting one.

  7. Rating


    Used this a couple of times before I wanted to review, had excellent results! We got a couple of names comes through on this device and the same name came up on other devices. Plenty of linked responses to our questions! Fantastic device.

  8. Rating

    Gavin R.

    Brilliant company very good communication and can’t help you enough would recommend to anyone

  9. Rating


    Used this Devise, very impressed
    word bank provides good communication with spirit.

  10. Rating


    Amazing piece of equipment. Bought this alongside a couple of the haunted dolls and dybbuk boxes. Have had some quite outstanding results. Initially, it can be tricky to understand what the spirit is trying to communicate, as the word dictionary is vast and some of the words seem very random. Having said that, have had plenty of linked answers to questions and, in some cases, very direct answers which leave no room for misinterpretation! Would highly recommend to anyone. Also, a great company, excellent customer service and superfast delivery.

  11. Rating


    Great product and easy to use. This has come up with interesting words just in my own home, I can’t wait to go exploring with this to see what else I can find out about the area I live in.

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