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How to curse someone, hire a witch to perform your hex spells

Hexing service, hire a witch to perform your hex spells




How to hex someone:

Real, professional hexing service and hex spells carried out by real black witches. Once you have purchased we will pass your payment and contact information to one of our witches.

After purchase, your chosen witch will contact you to gather the information they need, in order to be able to perform the spell. They will assign you a date and time for when the spell will be carried out.

Hex Spells: Important

We are not able to offer refunds for our magic spells or hexes. This is because our hexes are carried out by experienced and independent witches.

Once you have completed the order, we will pass your contact details onto one of our black witches. They be in touch for the information they need to be able to perform the spell.

LEGAL NOTICE: Our spells and witchcraft services are for entertainment purposes only.

We will be in touch with you before performing the Hex Spells

One of our independent witches contact you. You will be able to let them know which type of hex you would like. And what outcome you would like from the spell. If you are not sure, they can recommend a suitable one for you.

You can choose to inflict a hex from a specific demon such as Tezrian, Andras, Abaddon, Qalilitu, Alastor, Sonneillion, Lord Satan, Amduscias, Lucifer Rofocale, Svengali and many more.

Bespoke Revenge Spells and Hex Spells

Our witches and warlocks have many years of experience, and a high success rate in spell casting. Many targets can be picked if needed, up to a maximum 5.

Please don’t purchase these services without serious thought, hexes are real, and they can cause great misfortune or worse on your target.

Casting on the right moon phase

Once you have paid for the service, your chosen witch completing your hex may ask you to wait for a certain moon phase before it can be performed. Because some moon cycles make hexes more powerful. And can reduce the chance of any repercussions or negative effects.



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