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Infrared LED light for digital cameras
Our living room, illuminated with infrared lighting
The SpiritShack night vision video-camera light on maximum brightness
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Infrared light for ghost-hunting

Infrared Night Vision Video Camera Light



Our SpiritShack Infrared Night Vision LED Light has been hand-crafted by us. And it’s one of the best portable IR Illuminators on the market.

The SpiritShack LED Light is for ghost-hunting in the dark. The powerful nighttime vision allows you to conduct paranormal investigations at all hours. It works amazingly well in pitch-black environments. It’s one of the best IR lights on the market, and we have been using it in multiple paranormal investigations and tweaking this unique invention of ours to ensure it runs as smoothly and optimally as possible.

The Infrared IR Illuminator has a hot shoe to mount on your camera. It is also dimmable, which is a unique feature of an infrared illuminator. Since many products with LED lights do not have this feature, the low-light lighting will be too bright or not bright enough. The dimmable feature of our infrared night vision LED allows you to customize the lighting. You can dim or brighten it for perfect lighting throughout your investigation.

You can attach it to any camera or tripod or hold it. The small, lightweight design and high-powered abilities of this IR Illuminator make it easy to use in any paranormal investigation.

What does the infrared light do?

The LED illuminator consists of 3 powerful IR lights. These lights emit much-infrared light using minimal draw on the battery. The LED will work alongside any full-spectrum camera and even any GoPro. It is easy to attach and detach from any device. However, check your device and its lighting attachment capabilities. If it doesn’t have a cold shoe attachment, you may need to use an adapter to make the devices compatible.

The illuminator is uniquely developed by us. For a small light, it reaches the far and is of superior high quality. Our unique design comprises 3 incredibly bright lights in a sleek black casing. We have used this Infrared illuminator throughout multiple paranormal investigations. And we have not had to change or charge the batteries. This is due to its energy-saving design and long-lasting capabilities.


  • On/off switch for easy powering up and down.
  • Hot shoe mount makes for easy attaching to any video camera or rig and any GoPro.
  • It can be handheld or attached to a tripod.
  • Small, lightweight and compact, meaning it’s easy to transport.
  • Powerful for its size.
  • Dimmable feature to easily customize the lighting of any environment.
  • Pocket-sized, making it easy to transport.
  • Bright enough to flood a large room.

How does the infrared light work?

We have an in-depth article on how the infrared camera works. But, in short, we cannot see Infrared radiation or light with our eyes, this device allows us to project infrared light into an environment to pick up any infrared radiation. Most night vision devices require at least a small amount of IR light. This LED works alongside any full-spectrum or infrared camera to enable the camera to pick up any infrared frequencies.


  • Powered by 4x AA batteries
  • Lasts for over 10 hours with new batteries
  • It can be mounted with a screw measuring 1/4 or hot shoe
  • 3 high-powered infrared IR LEDs
  • Luminance angle of 120°
  • Light range of 850 nm
  • Output power of 9w
  • Lumen is, 150lm
  • Size: 70 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm
  • Weight is 120g
  • Included is 1x Infrared light
  • 1x portable carry bag
  • 1x instruction manual

How to use the light

The SpiritShack infrared night vision Light is easy and simple to use. We have made it smaller and brighter than other night vision lights on the market, meaning it is easy to carry around in your investigations in case you need it, but it still reaches a far distance and is incredibly high-powered.

You can use this infrared light by attaching it to a tripod, simply setting it down or holding it in your hand. Ensure it is angled in the direction you are conducting your paranormal investigations to achieve optimal results. When charged, the device will reach a far distance and stay effective until it runs out.

Ensure you look away from the light as it is very bright and could damage your vision.

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  1. Rating

    Naomi Nicholls

    It fits on my night vision camera perfectly, and it’s very bright. Batteries have lasted for 3 investigations, and it’s still going. Excellent light, A++

  2. Rating

    Gareth Owens

    Everything ran smoothly, prompt, courteous service, well-packed, quick delivery. Good news.

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