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Jinn Occult Witchcraft Djinn Ring 2

Jinn Occult Witchcraft Djinn Ring




Ring size: USA 8 / UK P

Silver Ring (Hallmarked)

This ring has had a powerful spell done to it binding it with a king djinn. This king is called Nuru Tantir, and he reigns over legions of djinn. While you may purchase this ring, you will not own the djinn attached. Over time, we will work with the ring owner. Always treat this ring and the djinn with respect, as he is far more powerful than any human. And upsetting his would likely bring extreme negative consequences.

This ring is suited to a more experienced witch, who is familiar with working with djinn and demons. The level of power he is capable of brining to your craft is beyond measure. He has no issues with helping with harm, wealth, and general black magic spells. The ring is made from real silver and is hallmarked, and you are safe wearing it. Always be respectful to djinn, and you will likely receive the same in return.


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