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KII EMF meter with sound magnetic field detector in black
EMF reader in black for paranormal investigators
K2 EMF meter with sound for ghost-hunting

K2 Meter with Sound (China version)



The K2 EMF Meter is a handy tool for identifying spirits throughout a paranormal investigation throughout the day or the night. The device has been upgraded to include sound making the EMF signals easier to identify.

NOTE: This model isn’t the original K2 Meter, made in the USA. It’s a cheaper version made in China. While it works perfectly well for ghost-hunting purposes, it’s not as good as the original. You can find the USA K2 here.

The K2 Meter With Sound, also known as the KII Meter or K-2 EMF Meter, is a small, lightweight, transportable piece of ghost hunting equipment. Since it now features sound, it is handy to use in bright settings when the light-up LED’s might be harder to see.

This Spirit Shack K2 Meter with Sound is a favourite amongst ghost hunters and paranormal investigators alike. The device is simple to use yet highly effective. Due to it being small and lightweight, it is the perfect piece of ghost hunting equipment to use when you have a large area to cover as you can walk around while holding it in your hand. It works perfectly to detect paranormal activity in the day or the night.

What Does The K2 EMF Meter Do?

The KII Meter with Sound allows you to detect spirits and paranormal activity throughout investigations. Use it to detect energies within the area, and walk around the area to detect where the energy is strongest. Once turned on, the K-2 Meter will be able to identify electromagnetic frequencies within an area and alert you with LED lights and also sound.

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Electromagnetic frequencies can be created by a range of devices, such as your fridge or microwave, but it is widely accepted within the paranormal investigation community that spirits and entities are made up of electrical energy. This device will allow you to detect when the energy is close by, and the strength of said energies.

K2 Meter Features

  • Upgraded to include sound as well as light to alert you when it triggers
  • 5 various colour LED signals to represent different levels of magnetic field
  • Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Use it to measure a wide spectrum of EMF from 50 to 20,000 Hertz
  • Can also be used to identify potentially harmful long-term overexposure to EMF from a range of sources
  • Highly sensitive so can be used to detect even small EMF
  • Simple to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Included is 1x K-2 Meter with Sound
  • 1x Instruction manual

How Does The K2 Meter Work?

The K2 ghost meter works by identifying when EMF signals are nearby. You will be able to see any electrical energy through the 5 different colour LED lights, and the sound it makes. You will therefore be able to detect both weak and strong signals very easily.

The 5 coloured LEDs go from green to red to clearly identify the strength of the signal, green being a weak signal of 0 – 1.5 mG and red being an extremely high signal of 20mG+.

The sound element of this K2 Meter will allow you to easily hear when there is any kind of signal around you.

K2 EMF Meter Specifications:
  • Large detection range from 0 to 20+ milligauss (mG)
  • Large detection frequency from 50/60 Hertz to 50 to 1000 Hz. ELF 1000 to 20,000 Hz – VLF
  • Typical accuracy: +/-5%
  • Operates at a temperature of -18 to 49 Celsius (0 to 120Farenheit)
  • Powered on a single 9V battery
  • Weighs 170g
  • Colour: Black
  • Made from ABS material
  • Size – 14.6 x 5.8 x 25.5 cm
How To Use The K2 Meter:

Simply turn it on, and the 5 different coloured LED signals will show you the strength of the electrical energy. From the 5 LED signals and sound you will be able to easily see and hear the strength of the signal.

Ask the spirit yes or no questions to identify if the spirit is willing to communicate. The more energy the spirit possesses, the more lights will light up along with the alarm sounding.

As this K-II Meter with Sound is lightweight and small, you can hold it in your hand and walk around an area. This allows you to cover a larger area when conducting your paranormal investigations, to identify if there are certain areas where the EMF signal is stronger, indicating a larger paranormal signal. It is perfect for identifying where to further investigate an area. For example, if you are walking around an area with the K2 Meter and there is a stronger EMF signal and more activity in a certain area, then make sure to conduct further experiments in this area with a wider range of equipment.

The 5 LED Signals For Different Level of Magnetic Field:
  • Green (1) – Normal magnetic field (0 – 1.5 mG)
  • Green (2) – Low level magnetic field (1.5 – 2.5mG)
  • Yellow – Mid-level magnetic field (2.5 – 10mG)
  • Orange – High level magnetic girls (10 – 20mG)
  • Red – Extreme high-level magnetic field (20mG+)

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  1. Rating

    Martin Owen

    I replaced my original KII with this, the sound isn’t very loud, but you can hear it. Very useful if you’re walking around with it filming, soon as you hear it going you know something is near.

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    Aaron Coote


  3. Rating

    Peter Sly

    Brilliant, really easy to use

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