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Kodak PixPro FZ45 Full Spectrum Camera




Welcome to the Kodak PixPro FZ45, which has been converted to a full spectrum camera. Specifically for Ghost-Hunting.

The IR (Infrared) and UV (Ultraviolet) light filters have been removed from this camera. This allows you to take photos or videos in full spectrum when you use it with a full spectrum light. It can be used to film in pitch black when combined with an Infrared light. The box has been opened, only to take the camera out and to convert it.

It comes complete with brand-new AA batteries and a 32 GB memory card. It is quick and easy, and you are ready to go out on your ghost hunting adventure straight away. You can take still photographs and recordings, for a little smaller camera it will give you some astonishing outcomes. It incorporates a top-notch 16 Megapixel camera for still shots and will record in 1080p HD video. Guarantee to wear it with the included hand tie to guard it.

Spirits and Ghosts frequently show up in types of light standard camera and our eyes cannot see. Without a camera that can see these sorts of light there will be many missed opportunities while recording. They regularly show up in the Infrared and Bright light range; with a full range camera or infrared camera you will not get them. This full range camera can see all structures and kinds of light (whenever utilized related to the correct sort of light).

Full Spectrum Camera features

  • Built-in Flash
  • Includes 32 GB Memory Card
  • Auto Focus
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • Video Recording
  • Can take still Photos
  • Audio Recording
  • Can see Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Full Spectrum Converted
  • Can be used for night vision filming
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Face Detection

Full Spectrum Camera

To take photographs or recordings in full spectrum, you will require a full spectrum light. Although this is a full spectrum camera, you will require the correct sort of light that will yield the entire scope of light. If you utilize a standard light, no infrared or ultraviolet light will be put out, so it will not be captured by the full spectrum camera.



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  1. Rating

    Jim Whitaker

    This is an awesome camera for the price.

  2. Rating

    Bradley Arnold

    Great camera

  3. Rating


    Amazing photos in complete darkness exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Rating


    Very useful thanks

  5. Rating

    David D.

    Brilliant kit and great delivery

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