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Let's Start A Cult T-Shirt
Let's Start A Cult Design
Let's Start A Cult T-Shirt with Glow

Let’s Start A Cult T-Shirt




This product is the Let’s Start A Cult T-Shirt. The design depicts a man in a purple cloak preaching his satanism at a podium in a cemetery. With his arms out wide, lightning strikes behind him. The upside-down pentagram drawn on the podium symbolises the devil. Above him are the words “Let’s start a cult” and many gravestones around the podium. His audience consists of two teddy bears and a young girl.

It comes in different colours and sizes, which you can select at checkout. This T-shirt is unisex and made of 100% cotton.

Unleash the unconventional

Are you ready to embrace the unconventional and make a bold statement? Our cult style t-Shirt is designed for those who dare to challenge the norm and express their unique style.

A design that defies convention

This bizarre T-shirt features a captivating design that defies convention. Picture a man in a striking purple cloak standing at a podium in a cemetery. His outstretched arms and the dramatic lightning strike behind him create a sense of power and intrigue. The upside-down pentagram on the podium is a symbol of rebellion and defiance. It represents the spirit of the devil. With our cult tee, boldly declare a willingness to venture into the unknown. Surrounded by gravestones, the cemetery setting adds an eerie and mysterious touch to the design.

A thought-provoking audience

In this unusual scene, the man’s audience consists of two teddy bears and a young girl. This juxtaposition of innocence and the unconventional challenges our perceptions and invites us to question the boundaries of societal norms.

Comfort and quality

Our cult starting T-Shirt is available in Small to 5XL sizes. Our sizing options ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. It comes in an array of colours to suit your style. Crafted from 100% cotton, this T-shirt offers a soft, breathable feel that’s perfect for all-day comfort.



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