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Light Trigger Motion Counter

Light Trigger Motion Counter




The Light Trigger Motion Counter is a great addition to your ghost hunting kit if you also have a laser grid or torch and are carrying out the “Flashlight Experiment”. The Light Trigger works similarly to a tripwire, in that it detects any changes in the light directed at it.

This includes detecting movement or any light anomalies which occur between this device and the light directed at it, such as from a torch. When it detects these changes, it will alert you and record the number of events for documentation purposes. This is a great feature as, throughout a paranormal investigation, you may be pulled in many different directions at once due to the unpredictable nature of events that could occur. You can therefore simply set the device up and leave it to work, all findings being recorded automatically on the device. When you return, you can see how many times it was triggered.

The Light Trigger Motion Counter for ghost hunting can be triggered by either a person, or a paranormal entity moving through the area which it covers, or if the light source flickers itself.

Product Features

  • Works autonomously to detect any light trips or changes when combined with a laser or flashlight
  • Alerts you by both light and sound when it is triggered
  • Counts and displays the number of triggers recorded
  • Compact, lightweight and easily portable
  • 1/4 inch screw underneath makes it tripod mountable
  • Rechargeable and can be plugged in for unlimited use

The Flashlight Experiment for Ghost Hunting

The flashlight experiment is widely used in ghost hunting and will bring an extra element to your paranormal investigation. To carry out the experiment, set yo your torch and Light Trigger Motion Counter as you would normally with the torch facing the device.

The Light Trigger Motion Counter will alert you to any changes in the environment. Therefore, you can leave it and if there are any changes, it will alert you using both sound and light. Once triggered, it will record how many times.



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