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Manual ghost box FM/AM radio, P-SB7 alternative, ghost hunting equipment
Manual tune spirit box FM/AM radio, PSB7 alternative for paranormal investigations
Manual ghost box FM/AM radio, SBOX alternative, ghost hunting kit
Manual tune spirit box FM/AM radio SB7 alternative for ghost hunting

Manual Tune Spirit Box FM/AM Radio



The Manual Tune Spirit Box for ghost hunting with FM & AM allows you to manually scan channels and control the speed yourself.

What does the Manual Tune Spirit Box do?

The Manual Tune Spirit Box with FM & AM Radio allows you to seamlessly manually scan through radio stations at your own speed. This Spirit Box is not like others which scan through automatically, and could possibly miss the presence of an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) with a weak signal.

With this Manual Tune Spirit Box, you can go at your own pace, as the device requires you to manually turn the dial slowly with your finger. It is basically a standard radio, but can be used effectively for ghost hunting, as many paranormal investigators prefer the manual aspect of this device. You can control the speed at which you are scanning through the AM and FM channels, which you may want to adapt depending on if you are getting feedback from any paranormal entities. You can stop to ask a question, and start again straight after. Some paranormal investigators even claim to get more evidence of paranormal activity through the use of a manual tune radio.

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Manual Tune Ghost Box features:

  • Extremely high-performance AM/GM radio receiver
  • Speaker is built-in with a low-power consumption
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Standard 3.5 mm earphone jack
  • Frequency tuning is manual
  • LED light

How does the Manual Tune Spirit Box work?

It is thought that paranormal entities can use FM and AM frequencies to communicate with our world. This is why many paranormal investigators use spirit boxes, which scan these frequencies automatically and stop if they detect any sounds or EVPs coming through. It can be hard to differentiate the sounds of paranormal entities and ghosts from the white noise on the station, but many prefer the manual sweep function of this Manual Tune Spirit Box as you can stop and start whenever you like, and your use of it can be better informed by the other occurrences in your investigation.

There are a number of tricks you can use with the Manual Spirit Box which you are unable to do or are harder to perform when using an automatic Spirit Box for Ghost Hunting, such as the P-SB11 or P-SB7. For example, you may find a certain frequency where it seems the spirits talk to you more frequently on. Rather than scanning all the way back and then forth again with an automatic spirit box, you can isolate the frequency and slowly scan backwards and forward over it to get faster responses and more communication.

Manual Tune Ghost Box specifications:
  • Brand: Indin
  • Model: BC-R60
  • Name: Mini radio
  • Material: Metal + ABS
  • Colour: Silver
  • Size: 9.5 cm x 5.8 cm x 2 cm
  • Frequency Range: FM: 88-108 MHz, AM: 530-1600 kHz
  • Power: 2x 3V AA batteries (not included)
Package Includes
  • 1x Manual Tune Spirit Box FM/AM Radio
How To Use It:

To use the Manual Tune Spirit Box FM/AM Radio for ghost hunting, simply load it up with 2 AA batteries (not included) and turn it on using the dial on the side of the device. If you are unsure how to use a Manual Tune Spirit Box, there are videos on YouTube for further information on how to use them.

Spirit Boxes, whether they are manual or automatic, are used to communicate with spirits in real-time. Unlike EVP recorders, you can ask questions and hear the spirit’s responses in real-time. You can also purchase an external microphone for your radio or spirit box to hear the responses louder, then use an audio or video recorder to capture your investigation to hear it back later.

With any spirit box, the usual process is you turn it on, achieve quiet within the space in which you are working, and ask a question out loud. Some examples of questions you might ask are:

  • “Is there anyone here who wishes to communicate with us?”
  • “What is your name?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Why are you here?”
  • “Are you alone?”
  • “How many spirits are here with us?”

When you have asked a question, you continually turn the dial of the Spirit Shack Manual Tune Spirit Box FM/AM Radio for ghost hunting and listen out for a response. If you hear something, you can focus in on that frequency and slowly, manually go forwards and backwards through the frequency to see if you can hear it again.

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    I love it. Thank you.

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    Becki Griffiths

    Love it, it arrived very fast! No issues at all! Will definitely be buying more equipment from here!

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    Matt B.

    Very good

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    Mark Reynolds

    I haven’t had chance to test this yet with the spirits, but I will be doing so on Saturday. Let’s hope it works, that’s why the 4 stars, but will update after I’ve put it through the proper test.

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    I did not know how to use it when I first bought this. I decided that it was junk, so I pushed it into the back of my minimal equipment. However, I decided to do some research into it and after some practice, I realized how amazing this product is and at such a low cost. I would definitely tell others about it, would also buy again. Great product, thanks.

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