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MEL 8704R Rem Pod ATDD EMF Temperature Light Sensor Ghost Hunting Meter

Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD



The Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD is a custom-built piece of equipment designed by paranormal investigators specifically for paranormal research.

What does the Mel Meter REM-ATDD do?

The Mel Meter REM-ATDD is compromised of a number of key features which are fitted into this sleek and beautifully designed meter. It is an incredibly sophisticated piece of equipment with multiple components which detect all the main indicators when conducting a paranormal investigation, making it a key piece of equipment for ghost hunting. The device has 4 main features.

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  1. EMF Meter
    The main feature is a highly sensitive EMF meter. This allows you to detect electromagnetic frequencies when they are in range. EMF meters are used in paranormal investigation to detect any considerable changes in electromagnetic frequencies. The telescopic antenna improves sensitivity and allows you to pick up EMF energy from a wider distance away.
  2. Digital Thermometer/ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection)
    The next important feature in this Mel Meter is a digital thermometer. It is regarded that when you are in the presence of a paranormal entity, there are usually spikes or dips in the temperature. This device measures the temperature using an ambient thermal probe, and notifies you when there are any changes. ATDD allows you to monitor the temperature surrounding the device. If the temperature drops, it will give off a low sounding tone, and if it rises, it will give off a high-sounding tone.
  3. RED IR-safe Illuminator
    Allows you to see the environment and the area that you are conducting your paranormal investigation in without disrupting night-vision equipment.
  4. REM Feature
    Much like the classic REM-Pod, with the Mel Meter you can turn on a REM feature which creates an electromagnetic field and alerts you if anything enters the field, measuring the electromagnetic frequency.

Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD features:

  • ELF range is 30Hz
  • Won’t disrupt night vision
  • Includes Red Torch which is very high intensity (IR safe)
  • Bright Red Backlight “Night View” display
  • REM-ATDD LED Lights are Multi-Coloured
  • ATDD is built-in (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) and utilizes audible tone alerts
  • Dual display is custom. EMF & Temperature Cold Spots correlate.
  • Push Buttons glow in the dark
  • Temperature Sensor is fast response for ambient temperature readings
  • Capture minimum & maximum values with the record feature
  • EMF Reading is fast-response
  • Tripod Mounting Feature
  • Flip-Out Stand
  • REM Antenna is extendable. Emits magnetic field
  • Includes ATDD Hot and Cold Spot detection Audible Alarm Circuit which indicates LED and reset button
  • Small, light and easily portable

How does the Mel Meter REM-ATDD work?

The Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD is compromised of four main components, which all work independently of one another to bring you readings from different environmental measures when conducting your paranormal investigation. The Mel Meter was originally used in environmental control. It is designed to give accurate readings of electromagnetic energy which is produced by different things in the natural and man-made world.

It is regarded among paranormal investigators that EMF readings are present simultaneously with paranormal activity. The REM feature of this Mel Meter emits its own magnetic field around it with its mini extendable antenna. This means that if anything interacts with the field, whether of human or paranormal form, the unit will trigger by illuminating the LEDs which are positioned above the main window.

Mel Meter MEL-8704R REM-ATDD specifications:

  • Runs on 1x 9v alkaline battery (included)
  • High-quality and well-built
  • Mini flip-out stand on rear of device allows for propping up on surfaces
  • Multi-faceted range of uses

How to use the Mel Meter 8704R ATDD:

The device is handheld, so depending on which way you want to use it you can either carry it around the area where you are conducting a paranormal investigation, or prop it up on a surface using the flip-out stand to use the REM feature which would otherwise be triggered if you break the electromagnetic field it produces.

To gain readings from all the different components, set up the device on a table or surface in the middle of the area of which you are conducting your paranormal investigation. Make sure to extend the REM antenna, and turn off any appliances or devices which might emit an electromagnetic signal, such as your microwave, for example.

The Mel Meter MEL-8704R also allows you to record minimum and maximum values throughout your paranormal investigation, allowing you to go back and see when these values were reached and if you were asking any questions or encouraging the paranormal entities to respond in any way.

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  1. Rating

    Sophie Woodward

    The Mel Meter REM-ATDD is impressive, professional and well-built. Only used it a few times so far, but it’s picked up a fair bit of activity both times. It’s a good price, and it was delivered quickly, I will be sure to use your guys again. All the best!

  2. Rating

    Ritchie Hill

    What a piece of equipment, it’s well worth the money. Great design with technology that actually works, I know it’s not cheap but an essential piece of hunting equipment if you want to hunt ghost get one.

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