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Midnight Blue Tree of Life Dream Book Journal

Midnight Blue Tree of Life Dream Book Journal Size A5


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This product is the midnight blue dream book journal designed by Nemesis Now. In the centre of this lovely book is the tree of life, surrounded by scattered pentagrams. Around the edge of the book, you will see an elegant silver pattern border. With over 100 high-quality pages, there is plenty of room to store all your memorable dreams. It comes with a purple ribbon to mark your pages. It’s the perfect gift for any loved one.

A portal to dreamscapes

At the heart of this exquisite journal lies the Tree of Life, a universal symbol of growth, connection, and the ever-evolving nature of existence. Scattered pentagrams surround the tree, adding an aura of mystique and significance to your dream recordings. Each time you open this journal, you embark on a journey into the world of your dreams, where anything is possible.

Elegance in design

The Midnight Blue dream journal is not just a keeper of dreams; it’s a work of art. Its midnight blue cover is adorned with an intricate silver pattern border, reflecting the elegance and mysticism of the night. This journal is designed to inspire you, making your dream recording experience as enchanting as the dreams themselves.

Ample room for dream exploration

With over 100 high-quality pages, this dream journal provides ample space to record and explore your dreams. Each page is a canvas for your nocturnal adventures, allowing you to capture the vivid landscapes, characters, and emotions from your sleep. It’s a valuable tool for self-discovery and dream analysis.

Gift of inspiration and imagination

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a creative soul, a dreamer, or someone who cherishes the world of dreams? Your quest ends here. The dream book is a thoughtful and whimsical gift that will resonate with anyone who values the power of imagination. Whether for a special occasion or to inspire a loved one, this journal is a unique choice.



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