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SpiritShack Motion Activated Paranormal Tripwire
Paranormal Trip Wire for Ghost Hunters
Paranormal Trip Wire 10 Motion Sensors
Ghost Hunting Trip Wire
Motion Activated Paranormal Tripwire Trip-10

Motion Activated Paranormal Trip-Wire 10–30 Sensors

£239.58 – £622.92



The Motion Activated Paranormal Tripwire is a specialized tool designed specifically for ghost hunting. It comes in 3 sizes, trip-10 with ten lights, trip-20 with 20 lights, and trip-30 with 30 lights. It comprises ten sensitive motion sensors arranged along a ten-foot-long strip. Each sensor is separated by one foot of wire. This makes it perfect for monitoring long hallways, staircases, or hanging around doors to detect any passing movement from the living or the dead.

This popular product is similar to our motion-activated teddy and cat balls; any slight movement will trigger the sensors. Each sensor is independent, and only the one that detects movement will flash, allowing you to determine the direction of the ghost’s movement.

The Motion Sensor Paranormal Tripwire is silent and will not interfere with EVP sessions. When triggered, the sensors will flash brightly in blue, red, and yellow, enabling you to pinpoint the ghost’s location. We have tested the Motion Sensor Tripwire thoroughly, and it works perfectly for detecting spirits and ghost hunting purposes. Thanks to its highly sensitive sensors, even the slightest movements by ghosts can easily trigger it.

Paranormal Tripwire Size Options

  • TRIP-10: 10 foot length with 10 Motion sensors
  • TRIP-20: 20 foot length with 20 Motion sensors
  • TRIP-30: 30 foot length with 30 Motion sensors


  • Each Motion Sensor Is Independent
  • 3 Vibrant Colours When Triggered, Red, Blue and Yellow
  • Long Lasting Batteries
  • Easy Operation
  • Quick and Easy To Set Up
  • Broad Coverage
  • 10-30 Very Sensitive Motion Sensors

How the Motion Activated Trip-Wire Can Help with Hunting Ghosts

Trip wires can be helpful in ghost hunting for detecting movement in a particular area. By setting up a motion-activated trip wire, ghost hunters can monitor areas such as hallways, staircases, or doorways to detect any passing movement, whether from the living or the dead.



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